10 Reasons to Enhance Your Boat Lift with Accessories

Premium Boat Lift Accessories
Adding boat lift accessories to your boat lift can significantly enhance your boating experience. These accessories are designed not only to improve the functionality and longevity of your boat lift but also to make your boating more convenient, safe, and enjoyable. In this article, we will explore the various benefits of equipping your boat lift with high-quality accessories.

1. Increased Protection for Your Boat

The primary function of a boat lift is to protect your boat from the wear and tear of being in the water. Accessories like bunk guides, bow stops, and guideposts can further enhance this protection. Bunk guides ensure your boat is positioned correctly on the lift, reducing the risk of hull damage. Bow stops prevent over-travel when docking your boat, and guideposts make it easier to position your boat, especially in windy or choppy conditions. Accessories like bunk guides, bow stops, and guideposts can further enhance this protection. Bunk guides ensure your boat is positioned correctly on the lift, reducing the risk of hull damage. Bow stops prevent over-travel when docking your boat, and guideposts make it easier to position your boat, especially in windy or choppy conditions.

2. Ease of Use and Convenience

With the right accessories, using your boat lift becomes much easier and more convenient. Remote control systems allow you to operate your lift from a distance, which is especially helpful when you’re alone. Solar panels can be added to power your lift, eliminating the need for electrical wiring and reducing energy costs. Additionally, walkways and steps can be installed alongside your lift for easy and safe access to your boat. Boat lifts remote control system

3. Enhanced Safety Features

Safety should always be a priority when it comes to boating. Accessories like safety lights and alarms add an extra layer of security. Lights can be particularly useful for nighttime operations, ensuring you can see your surroundings. Alarms can alert you to any malfunction or unauthorized use of your boat lift, giving you peace of mind.

4. Customization and Personalization

Every boat and boat owner is unique, and the ability to customize your boat lift with various accessories allows you to tailor it to your specific needs and preferences. Whether it’s adding a personal touch with custom colors or choosing accessories that cater to the size and type of your boat, personalization ensures that your boat lift meets all your requirements.

5. Increased Durability and Longevity

Quality accessories can significantly extend the life of your boat lift. For example, using a canopy cover can protect both your boat and the lift from harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and debris. This not only keeps your boat looking new but also reduces the wear and tear on your lift, saving you money on maintenance and replacements in the long run Canopy cover for boat lift

6. Improved Aesthetics

A boat lift doesn’t have to be purely functional; it can also enhance the visual appeal of your waterfront property. Many accessories are designed with aesthetics in mind, offering a range of styles and finishes that can complement your boat and the surrounding area. A well-chosen set of accessories can make your boat lift look more sophisticated and integrated into your waterfront space.

7. Value Addition to Your Property

Investing in high-quality boat lift accessories can also add value to your property. A fully equipped and well-maintained boat lift is an attractive feature for potential buyers who are boating enthusiasts. It demonstrates a commitment to protecting and maintaining valuable assets, which can be a strong selling point.

8. Environmental Benefits

Some boat lift accessories, like solar panels, not only provide operational efficiency but also offer environmental benefits. By harnessing solar power, you reduce reliance on non-renewable energy sources and minimize your carbon footprint, contributing to environmental conservation.

9. Adaptability to Changing Needs

As your boating lifestyle changes, so can your boat lift. Accessories allow you to adapt your lift to accommodate different boats or new boating activities. This flexibility ensures that your investment continues to serve you well over the years, regardless of how your boating needs evolve. Check all of our boat lift accessories.

10. Peace of Mind

Lastly, knowing that your boat is securely stored and protected gives you peace of mind. This is invaluable, especially when you are away from your waterfront property. The right set of accessories can ensure that your boat is safe, secure, and ready to use whenever you need it. boat lift accessories - Bunk guides for boat lift

IQ Boat Lifts Recommended Accessories

Accessories that Make Boarding Your Boat Easier Elevator boarding platform
  • Elevator Boarding Platforms: Because elevator lifts ride on angled tracks, there is often a large gap between the dock and your boat. The “elevator boarding platform” fills in that gap, so you don’t have to leap so far.
  • Hinged Platforms: Even with regular lifts, some people want a small platform that folds down to get closer to their boat, that they will fold up to get it out of the way when they are docking the boat.
  • Top Beam Covers: Top beam covers are non-slip metal decking that attach to the top of the top beam. This allows you to safely walk on the top beams.
  • Walkboard Steps: Steps can attach to the dock or walk boards and make it easier to board boats that are very high up.

Accessories that Provide Better Access to the Boat

Hinged platforms for boat lift
  • Walkboards:  Adding a walkboard will provide a stable platform on the lift cradles to walk along.
  • Cross Over Walkboards: These provide a rigid rectangle of boards attached to the lift cradles, providing access to all sides of the boat.
  • Stern Platform: These provide a platform at the stern of the boat, making boat maintenance much easier.

Accessories to Bunk Specific Boats

Bunk guides for boat lift
  • Dual PWC: Easily add bunking for two PWCs along with a walk board between, making getting on and off your personal watercraft much easier and safer.
  • Stepped Bunks: Add this bunking that better fits boats with stepped hulls.
  • Sailboat Bunking: This style of bunking is designed to accommodate the keels of sailboats.
  • Freeman Bunks: Custom bunks can be designed to accommodate any hull. These bunks were designed to support Freeman-powered catamarans.

Boat Lift Accessories to Change the Look of the Dock

Boat Lift Accessories to Change the Look of the Dock
  1. Floating Dock & Gangway: Floating docks rise with the tides and our hinged gangways adjust to accommodate the changing tide levels.
  2. Decklifts: Use these when you deck over the boat lift cradles.  Decklifts are a stable platform that provides 360-degree access to the boat, and you can choose your decking to match the dock.
  3. Low Profile: Add this as an accessory to your boat lift if you want to hide the boat lift top beams under the dock.  Can also allow for the decked platform to be flush with the dock, giving you a seamless aesthetic.

In Conclusion

Adding accessories to your boat lift is a wise investment that goes beyond mere aesthetics. It enhances the functionality, safety, and longevity of your boat lift while providing convenience and peace of mind. Whether you are a seasoned boater or new to the world of boating, investing in the right boat lift accessories can significantly improve your boating experience. If you need help choosing the best boat accessories for your requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Enhancing Your Boat Lift with Accessories:

Adding accessories to your boat lift can enhance its functionality, longevity, convenience, and safety. Accessories also contribute to protecting your boat and property while improving your overall boating experience.

Boat lift accessories include bunk guides, bow stops, guideposts, remote control systems, solar panels, safety lights, alarms, walkways, steps, canopy covers, and more. These accessories serve various purposes, such as boat protection, ease of use, safety enhancement, customization, and aesthetics.

Accessories like bunk guides ensure proper positioning of the boat on the lift, reducing the risk of hull damage. Bow stops prevent over-travel during docking, while guideposts assist in boat positioning, especially in challenging conditions like wind or waves.

Yes, many accessories are designed to make using your boat lift easier and more convenient. Remote control systems allow for distance operation, while solar panels eliminate the need for electrical wiring. Additionally, walkways and steps provide safe access to your boat.

Accessories such as safety lights and alarms add an extra layer of security to your boat lift setup. Lights improve visibility during nighttime operations, while alarms notify you of any malfunctions or unauthorized use, ensuring peace of mind.

Yes, boat lift accessories allow for customization and personalization based on your specific needs and preferences. You can choose custom colors, select accessories tailored to your boat size and type, and add features that complement your waterfront property.

Yes, high-quality accessories can extend the life of your boat lift by protecting it from harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and debris. Features like canopy covers minimize wear and tear, reducing maintenance costs in the long run.

Yes, a fully equipped and well-maintained boat lift with accessories adds value to your waterfront property. It demonstrates a commitment to protecting and maintaining valuable assets, making it attractive to potential buyers.

Some accessories, like solar panels, harness renewable energy sources, reducing reliance on non-renewable energy and minimizing carbon footprint. This promotes environmental sustainability and conservation efforts.

Yes, boat lift accessories offer flexibility, allowing you to adapt your lift to accommodate different boats or new boating activities as your lifestyle changes. This ensures that your investment continues to serve you effectively over the years.

The Top 5 Benefits of Deck Boat Lifts

deck benefit img

Being a boat owner is all about enjoying your time on the water — but every boating enthusiast knows that the way you store your vessel when you aren’t using it is extremely important for its protection and preservation. That’s where a reliable boat lift comes into play.

When it comes to safely getting your boat on and off the water, you have a few options available. One of the most convenient and reliable options is a deck boat lift. Deck boat lifts (also called platform boat lifts) lift your boat using a platform that rises to sit flush with the surface of your dock, providing a versatile and convenient way to store and launch your boat.

This Alumavator deck lift has space to store kayak bunks right on the dock

The main advantages of a deck boat lift are:

  • Convenience
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Accessibility

Let’s take a look at each of these advantages in more detail:

1. Convenience

In terms of convenience, platform boat lifts are a game-changer. Platform lifts make it easier than ever to board your boat and keep it well-maintained by eliminating the need to climb up and down a ladder, or having to maneuver from the dock to the boat.

Not only do deck lifts allow you to step directly on and off your vessel, but they also help keep your waterfront space neat and tidy. The seamless integration and unobtrusive design of a platform lift means you can enjoy all the functional convenience of a dependable boat lift without a large metal appliance cluttering your dock.

2. Safety

Another benefit of platform boat lifts is the way they embody safety in every aspect of their design. In particular, deck boat lifts provide a much safer means of embarking and disembarking your boat than many other kinds of lifts. Instead of climbing ladders and hopping over or ducking under metal beams, you can simply walk right on and off your vessel.

Of course, the materials used in your deck lift’s construction play a major role in how safe it is. At IMM Quality Boat Lifts, we go out of our way to build our boat lifts with your safety in mind. For instance, we use anti-slip decking panels for all our platform boat lifts to minimize the risk of injury from falls.

3. Durability

In addition to safety, our deck boat lifts are known for their exceptional durability. We build our deck lifts with sturdy aluminum frames that attach to the cradle of the lift. This robust construction style ensures that your platform boat lift is capable of standing up to both frequent use and unfavorable weather conditions.

Additionally, we use high-quality, heat-resistant panels for the decking surface of our platform boat lifts. These panels are available in a wide range of colors to suit your preference and match the rest of your dock or other waterfront features.

4. Environmental Friendliness

Deck boat lifts are not only beneficial to you as a boat owner, but also to your entire waterfront ecosystem — unlike some other types of boat lifts that can potentially disrupt aquatic life.

Our platform lifts are made specifically with environmental well-being in mind. We use an open grate design that allows sunlight and water to pass through freely, ensuring vegetation is able to thrive so that your waterfront remains healthy and vibrant. Plus, the open grate panel design makes it easy to raise and lower the lift in and out of the water without resistance.

5. Accessibility for Small Vessels

When you picture a boat lift, it’s usually a large vessel that comes to mind. While deck boat lifts do work very well for large boats, did you know that they’re also perfect for smaller vessels?

Owners of small watercraft like jet skis, canoes, and kayaks can benefit just as much from a deck boat lift as owners of large vessels can. For example, you can use a platform lift along with a remote control system to automatically lower or raise your small watercraft, allowing you to get on and off the water with ease.

imm nelson decklift pwc and kayaks new lum

Find Out More About IMM Quality Deck Boat Lifts

At IMM Quality Boat Lifts, we understand that every boat owner has unique requirements. We can custom-build your floating platform boat lift to fit any of our boat lift styles and capacities. We can even design tailor-made boat lift platforms for extremely large vessels like yachts.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of a platform lift for your boat. Contact us today to receive an estimate and be connected with a local boat lift dealer in your area.

Simplify Your Boating Experience: The Benefits of Adding a Remote Control for Your Boat Lift

Boat Lift Remote Control

Boat Lift Remote Control

As a boat owner, you understand the importance of convenience and efficiency when it comes to launching and docking your vessel. One way to streamline this process and enhance your boating experience is by adding a remote control to your boat lift. In this article, we will explore the numerous benefits of incorporating a remote control system into your boat lift, from increased convenience to improved safety and ease of use.

1. Protect Your Investment

After you launch your vessel, it is best practice to raise your bunks and cradles out of the water. This will limit the damage caused by corrosion, electrolysis, and marine growth. If your lift only has manual controls, you will need one person to use the boat lift controls as another person maneuvers the vessel off the lift. When you raise the bunks and cradles out of the water to protect them, once you return from your day of boating you will need the assistance of someone on shore to lower the lift so that you may dock. Even if you leave the cradles in the water, the tide may go out while you are away, requiring the assistance of someone on shore to lower the lift so that you may dock.
Boat Lift Remote Control
Dock mounted control box has a push-button operation

2. Effortless Control from a Distance

One of the primary advantages of a boat lift remote control is the ability to control its operation from a distance. No longer do you need to manually operate the lift or rely on someone else’s assistance during docking. With the click of a button, you can effortlessly raise or lower your boat lift from the helm of your boat or even from the shore. The ability to make the launch and retrieval process a one-man operation saves you valuable time and effort. This also reduces the risk of accidents, such as collisions with the dock or other boats, and minimizes the chances of injuries to you or your passengers.
Handheld transmitter communicates with control box via radio frequency
The handheld transmitter communicates with the control box via radio frequency

3. Enhanced Safety and Security

Safety should always be a top priority when it comes to boating. A remote control for your boat lift adds an extra layer of security to the system. You can lock the manual control box with the access door closed. This can prevent the accidental operation of the boat lift by curious children. Not only does this prevent someone from using your boat lift while you are away, but you can still operate the boat lift using the remote control with the door closed. You can padlock the lift control box closed to prevent unauthorized use.

You can padlock the lift control box closed to prevent unauthorized use.

4. User-Friendly Interface

Remote control systems for boat lifts are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. They often feature clear and simple interfaces that make operation a breeze, even for those who are not technologically inclined. The toggle switches or buttons on the membrane panel are labeled clearly, providing easy access to all the necessary functions. This ensures that anyone, regardless of their experience level, can operate the boat lift with ease. The GEM Remotes membrane control panel.

The GEM Remotes membrane control panel.

5. Customizable Programming

Modern remote control systems for boat lifts often come with customizable programming options. You may install rotary limit switches on your boat lift top beams. The limit switches allow you to set the minimum and maximum bunk heights for the boat lift. This is a valuable safety feature that prevents you from bottoming out the cradles on the seabed or running the lift up too high, causing damage to the top beams. Using the Auto-run feature, a single press of the remote control button will raise your lift to the height of the upper limit or lower it to the level of the lower limit. The remote control’s programmable features give you the flexibility to tailor the lift’s behavior to your requirements. Customizable Programming

6. Increased Convenience and Efficiency

Gone are the days of manually operating your boat lift and waiting for it to reach the desired position. Adding a remote control to your boat lift significantly increases convenience and efficiency. With just a few clicks, you can raise or lower your boat effortlessly, saving you time and making the entire process more streamlined. This allows you to maximize your time on the water and enjoy your boating adventures to the fullest. Increased Convenience and Efficiency

7. Compatibility and Integration

Remote control systems for boat lifts are typically designed to be compatible with a wide range of boat lift models and brands. Whether you have a vertical lift, elevator lift, cantilever lift, or hydraulic lift, there is likely a remote control system available that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing setup. You can also integrate your dock lights or boat garage door into the boat lift control system. Then the auxiliary button on the remote control can turn on the dock lights or open the boat garage door. This compatibility ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of a remote control regardless of the type of boat lift you own or the features you have at your dock. More reading- Elevate Your Water Adventures: Exploring Boat Lifts for Small Boats, Kayaks, and Personal Watercraft


Adding a remote control system to your boat lift is a game-changer when it comes to convenience, safety, and efficiency. The ability to operate your boat lift from a distance, customizable programming options, and user-friendly interfaces all contribute to an enhanced boating experience. With a remote control, you can effortlessly raise and lower your boat, saving time and effort while ensuring the safety of your vessel. So, if you’re looking to simplify your boating routine and take your enjoyment to new heights, consider adding a remote control to your boat lift today. Your future self will thank you for it! If you need help choosing the best boat lift or accessory for your requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Benefits of Adding a Remote Control for Your Boat Lift

The primary benefits of incorporating a remote control into your boat lift system include enhanced convenience, improved safety, and increased efficiency. Remote controls allow you to operate your boat lift from a distance, making the launch and retrieval process a one-person operation, reducing the risk of accidents, and providing secure operation features to prevent unauthorized use.

A boat lift remote control enhances safety by allowing you to operate the lift while keeping a safe distance, thus reducing the risk of injuries during docking and launching. Additionally, remote systems often include a lock feature on the manual control box, preventing accidental operation by unauthorized users or children, further securing your boat lift.

Yes, modern remote control systems often feature customizable programming options that allow you to set specific limits on how high or low your boat lift can go. For example, rotary limit switches can be installed to set the maximum and minimum heights, preventing damage to your boat or the lift structure. The Auto-run feature also allows for a single-button operation to reach these preset limits automatically.

Remote control systems are designed to be user-friendly with intuitive interfaces that are easy to operate, making them accessible for users of all technological skill levels. The controls typically feature clear labeling and simple toggle switches or buttons, ensuring straightforward operation.

Most remote control systems are designed to be compatible with a wide range of boat lift types, including vertical lifts, elevator lifts, cantilever lifts, and hydraulic lifts. This versatility ensures that most boat lift owners can integrate a remote control system into their existing setups, regardless of the brand or model.

Boat Lift Slings vs Cradle Lift

single kick cradle beam
Table of Contents Do you plan to build or install a boat lift for a waterfront home or marina? Many boat owners ask whether a boat lift sling vs cradle lift is the best choice in this context. However, the solution depends on a combination of factors, including your installation location and the shape of your boat. Before it is possible to determine whether boat lift slings vs cradles are better for your application, it is important to understand how these two boat lift accessories differ. What are boat lift slings? Also called hoist slings, these straps wrap around your boat to offer support and distribute the boat’s weight while it is lifted. Boat lift slings are often used in the commercial shipping industry, but also have residential applications when installed within a boathouse lift. Boathouse lift featuring sling bunks However, it is incredibly important to be careful when choosing the fabric used for your boat lift slings. The best hoist slings are made from polyester – as opposed to nylon – due to the material’s low stretch value. A polyester boat sling more effectively maintains its working load limit when wet. Another consideration when purchasing boat lift slings for sale would be to consider the thickness of the manufacturing material. For small personal watercraft like kayaks or jet skis, a 2-ply sling is likely sufficient. For larger vessels, 4-ply thickness offers heavy duty use and greater durability.

The Problems with Boat Slings

Poorly sized or ill-fitting slings can exert too much pressure on your boat’s hull and sides, which can result in expensive damage. This often occurs when boat lift slings are not properly paired and fitted to the specific type of boat lift installed at your home or marina. Boat owners who experience problems with their boat slings also report the following concerns: • Too much trouble positioning the straps • Straps wearing through quickly • Chafing the hull at contact points • Hard to get close to the boat to wash it down • Difficulty closing the windshield window due to straps closing up • Lose of valuable boathouse space to large suspended slings • Limited ability to customize slings or prevent damage over time Did you know that water depth also affects whether boat lift slings vs cradle lifts can be used for your boat lift? Boaters who live on canals or in areas with frequent inclement weather activity should avoid using slings. If your boat is resting within slings when a heavy storm hits, your boat might swing and knock into your dock, incurring pricy damage. Even worse, boats kept in slings have been known to float away when the waters levels rise quickly. Yikes! Who wants to risk that? As a result, boat slings can only be reliably used within shallow water settings. That makes them most commonly suited for use on shallow lakes. It’s why most boaters will tell you that cradles are the safest choice for boat storage.

The Advantages of Cradles

Cradles are overwhelmingly popular with boat lift owners – and for good reason. Much like the bunks on a trailer, the cradles on a boat lift help secure a boat into place. Because they are designed to deliver support and stability, the cradles can provide a much higher degree of security and protection for long term storage – and heavy summer storms – than boat lift slings. Properly installed cradles distribute the weight of the boat evenly as it is lifted above the water. This prevents damage and strain to the hull. A variety of materials, from wood to fabric, can be used to further cushion your boat’s hull and protect it from harm. Here’s an example of a Legacy 32 hull supported by custom designed stanchions and pads. The stanchions that are more lateral have long, bleacher plank pads that are flexible and provide the best support to curved hulls. Working With Boat Lift Manufacturers resulted in custom bunks on this titan yacht lift Another advantage is the way that cradles can be customized to suit almost any setting – not just shallow water. With a few easy modifications, cradle lifts will accommodate watercraft of all sizes, shapes and materials.

Check Out These Custom Sailboat Cradles

IMM Quality Boat Lifts designed these custom cradles for one of our clients who wanted to store a sailboat at their waterfront home. Custom sailboat cradle beam works better than sling lift Our innovative in-house engineering team customized the marine-grade aluminum cradle beams to the specifications of their boat. The V-shaped dip in the cradle beams become more pronounced with sailboats that have larger keels and the length of the stanchion support tubes changes based on the shape of the sailboat hull. Installing custom bunks to carefully store the sailboat in place above the water, when it is not in use saves time and money on boat lift maintenance and bottom paint, too! At IMM Quality Boat Lifts, we connect future boat owners and marine contractors with the best boat lift products in the industry. When it comes to boat lift accessories, such as boat lift cradles for building or installing a boathouse lift, IMM Quality offers a wide variety of marine-grade products for sale. Our patented designs offer a variety of boat lift configurations for traditional four and eight piling vertical lifts, elevator, beamless, Trident three pile, deck lift, jet ski, kayak lift and, of course, boat house lifts. Beyond the sheer versatility of our product lines, IMM Quality Boat Lifts has the ability to customize any lift to any individual’s dock and watercraft. If you are a residential customer considering a boat lift for your home, we would love to hear from you! We help all of our customers connect with an IMM Quality dealer located near you. Working with a qualified, professional marine contractor ensures the best installation experience and a lifetime of use out of our carefully engineered products. As a family-run business, we understand how much that matters! Complete our CONTACT FORM or REQUEST A QUOTE and we will give you a call! READ MORE: Our Superlift Is Built for Speed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Boat Lift Slings vs Cradle Lift:

Boat lift slings, also known as hoist slings, are straps that wrap around a boat to support and distribute its weight while being lifted.

Issues with boat lift slings include poorly fitting slings causing damage to the boat's hull, straps wearing quickly, chafing, difficulty in washing the boat, and limited ability to customize slings.

Cradle lifts are favored because they provide more security and protection for long-term storage, especially in heavy storms, and distribute the boat's weight evenly to prevent damage.

Yes, cradle lifts can be customized to accommodate watercraft of various sizes, shapes, and materials, making them suitable for almost any setting.

Cradle lifts offer greater support and stability, can be customized for different boats, and are considered safer for long-term storage and in inclement weather conditions.

Building Better Top Beams

boat lift with stepped top beam holds large white boat in front of waterfront home

At IMM Quality Boat Lifts, our skilled engineers have developed a way of building better top beams for our boat lifts.

The original designs for boat lift top beams put the drive pipe and bearing blocks on top of the structure. This simple design was easy to manufacture with “off-the-shelf” parts. However, there was a risk that fingers and clothing could easily get caught in the exposed drive pipe and cable during lift operation. After a series of accidents, many municipalities have banned this design due to safety concerns.

IMM Quality boat lift that shows exposed drive pipe secured to top of the structure
This boat lift shows exposed drive pipe secured to top of the structure.

To address this safety problem, most manufacturers have now put the drive pipe inside the top beam structure. The top beams of typical boat lifts are made from C-channel and flat-wall bearing blocks. The bearing blocks are welded to the side of the C-channel and support the full weight of the boat.

Inferior c channel top beam design
An inferior C-channel top beam design

But what happens if there is a bad weld that breaks? There is no structure to support the weight, and your boat crashes into the water. The C-channel top beams are obviously not an ideal design, but they are the cheapest and easiest way to get the job done. But do you really want the safety of your boat relying upon this flawed design?

IMM Quality Boat Lift’s superior manufacturing capabilities allow our engineers the flexibility to make better designs because our machines can make any metal part. We are not limited to “off-the-shelf” parts. Instead, we make all of our parts in-house using our extensive array of CNC machines. Furthermore, we are willing to take our designs directly to the aluminum foundries and mills, where we have paid to have them make custom foundry dies. The aluminum mills use these dies to make custom aluminum extrusions that we machine into some of the parts for our boat lifts.

IMM Quality custom extrusion for the boat lift stepped wall bearing blocks
Featuring a custom extrusion for the “stepped” wall bearing blocks

IMM Quality Boat Lifts has a much better solution for boat lift top beams. Our engineers designed a “stepped” channel and paired it with a “stepped”-wall bearing block. The “stepped” walls improve boat lift top beams in several ways:

Diagram that shows positioning of stepped bearing block

First, the step increases the strength and rigidity of the channel. Think about holding a piece of paper by its edge. The paper does not stand out, but flops over because the thin paper is not rigid enough to support the weight. Now make a “Z” fold down the length of the paper to make a step. The paper will now easily stand out its full length when you hold it by the edge. These same physical principles apply to the top beam channel when we add the step to it, and we now have a channel with improved strength and rigidity.

Diagram that shows hand holding flat paper and stepped paper
Adding a step to a flat material increases its strength and rigidity.

Secondly, the steps greatly simplify the alignment of the bearing blocks within the top beam channel. By having the steps of the bearing block and top beam channel fit perfectly together like two pieces of a puzzle, we have eliminated the human error that can occur when the welder measures the vertical position of each bearing block. This feature makes sure that the bearing blocks are always perfectly aligned and that you won’t have to try to force your drive pipe through bearing blocks that are out of position.

Stepped channel top beam showing stepped wall bearing blocks welded into perfect alignment by imm quality boat lifts

Most important of all, the step provides physical support to the bearing block. The step in the channel creates a ledge upon which the shelf of the “stepped”-wall bearing block sits. Although it took more effort to design these patented custom extrusions, and although they cost more than an “off-the-shelf” solution, the effort is well worth it because nothing is more important than your safety. Even if a weld were to fail in the IMM-designed top beam, there is still aluminum structure to support the weight of your boat. Sometimes accidents happen, and when they do, you will be glad to have a boat lift engineered with redundant back-up safety features.

Exceptionally engineered and thoroughly tested, IMM Quality Boat Lifts are Built for a Lifetime.

IMM Quality boat lift holds large blue and white boat securely with stepped top beam

International Contractor Spotlight: Van Driel Waterwerken

side view of IMM Quality alumavator elevator boat lift installed by van driel waterwerken

We would like to thank Van Driel Waterwerken for sharing two of their recent projects with IMM Quality Boat Lifts. Founded in 2011 and located in the West-Friesland region near Hoorn, Netherlands, this company excels at all aspects of marine construction including seawalls, retaining walls, fixed and floating docks, footbridges, swimming docks, floating terraces, boathouses and boat lifts. IMM Quality Boat Lifts is grateful for international partners like Van Driel Waterwerken, because we ship our products all over the world from the port of Miami. Whether you need a single lift or entire shipping containers, IMM Quality Boat Lifts can meet your needs from our in-house engineering and manufacturing facilities in Fort Myers, Florida.

Project #1: Alumavator Elevator Boat Lift

Worker at Van Driel Waterwerken unloads IMM Quality Boat Lifts shipment to the Netherlands
Unloading an IMM Quality Alumavator elevator boat lift at the Van Driel Waterwerken facility in the Netherlands.

In the first project, Van Driel Waterwerken installed an Alumavator elevator boat lift on the bank of a beautiful river. Elevator lifts differ from traditional boat lifts in that their carriage rides up and down I-Beam rails like a train rides the tracks. Elevator lifts are best suited to waterfronts where outboard pilings are not practical, like on narrow canals or rivers, where permitting does not allow outboard pilings, or where the driving of pilings is difficult due to hard bottom conditions. IMM Quality’s Alumavator elevator boat lift can be mounted on seawalls, docks or pilings. The I-Beam rails can be installed vertically or at an angle.

The IMM Quality Alumavator elevator boat lift is gusseted using one-inch-thick billet aluminum plates, which have CNC-machined channels cut into them. These channels accept the flanges of the “L shaped” carriage arms.

No other manufacturer has the capability to make this feature. Not only does this guarantee the correct geometry of the carriage arms in all three dimensions, but this feature also provides mechanical support to this critical joint, making our carriages the strongest in the industry. With IMM Quality Boat Lift’s superior manufacturing capabilities, there is no need to worry about over-stressed welds, broken bolts or out-of-alignment elevator arms.

back view of IMM Quality alumavator elevator boat lift installed by van driel waterwerken

The Alumavator elevator boat lift features our chain drive system. The chain drive’s shock load ruggedness, efficiency, safety and battle-tested dependability make it simply the best and most economical choice of drive system for a boat lift. The Alumavator power head uses roller cable keepers to prevent snarl and overlap. And, if you want to go fast, the Alumavator is available in a high-speed version that is twice as fast.

Project #2: Platinum Vertical Boat Lift

White boat sits on IMM Quality platinum vertical boat lift installed within boathouse by Van Driel Waterwerken

In the second project, Van Driel Waterwerken installed a traditional vertical boat lift onto concrete piles inside a boathouse. This boat lift featured our Platinum configuration, which includes upgraded aluminum bunks with UV-resistant white vinyl caps, a remote control box with handheld transmitter and a sealed maintenance-free double reduction worm gear drive system.

Side view of IMM Quality platinum vertical boat lift installed within boathouse by Van Driel Waterwerken

Both the Alumavator and Platinum configurations use our tribopolymer bearings on the drive shafts, roller brackets, wheels and pulleys. These maintenance-free bearings are self-lubricating and corrosion free, reducing service costs while providing the industry’s best durability.

Front view of IMM Quality platinum vertical boat lift installed within boathouse by Van Driel Waterwerken

With all of its patented upgrades, IMM Quality’s Platinum-configured boat lifts provide a truly maintenance and worry-free boating experience!

Like what you see? Contact Van Driel Waterwerken at:

Lange Weide 55
1631 DM  Oudendijk NH
The Netherlands
Tel. + 31 (0)6 15036407

If you would like one of our boat lifts installed in your area, please contact the IMM Quality Boat Lifts sales team. We will be happy to provide you with the name and contact information of a local marine contractor. Or, request a quote and we’ll give you a call!

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Partner Spotlight: Introducing New Carbon Fiber Piling Technologies with Diversion Boat Lift Company

New carbon fiber piling technology installed by diversion boat lift company holds marina boat above water

It’s tough to get consumers to adopt innovations – you have to convince them to spend their hard-earned money on new “unproven” technologies, instead of using something that has been “good enough” in the past. Nobody cares about innovation on its own; new technologies must solve problems.

By listening to our customers and focusing on problems in marine construction, IMM Quality Boat Lifts has been able to bring innovations and new technologies to market that are aimed at better addressing customer needs and satisfaction with boat lift ownership. Being our industry’s innovation leader has allowed us to consistently provide the highest quality products to our customers at the lowest possible prices.

Dock made from treated timber piles by IMM Quality Boat LiftsOne problem in marine construction has been the longevity of treated timber piles. Treated timber piles are subject to damage from hard driving, corrosion, fungal decay and biological organisms. Saltwater can accelerate the deterioration of timber. Over time, UV rays will dry out timber, creating cracks for salt and moisture to wick through. Once dried, salt crystals form in the timber cells and push the wood fibers apart.

Typical life expectancy for treated timber piles installed into saltwater is around 30 years, but can be less in the unpredictable marine environment. Unfortunately, the desired life expectancy of the structure installed onto a treated timber pile foundation often exceeds this limitation.

Over the years, the marine construction industry has come up with a number of solutions to this problem, including PVC-wrapped timber, concrete and steel piles, each with their relative advantages and disadvantages.

Working with New Carbon Fiber Piling Technologies

Recently, one of IMM Quality’s marine contractor partners, Diversion Boat Lift Company, approached us about a project for the New Orleans Yacht Club. They wanted to install a boat lift for an Aprea-Mare 9 “Cabin” onto carbon fiber pilings.

IMM Quality Boat Lifts brings new carbon fiber pilings to market with its worldwide shipping fleetFiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite pilings consist of a corrosion-resistant polymer, reinforced with carbon fibers. A long-lasting and dependable alternative to traditional materials, FRP composite pilings have exceptional strength and durability. They are well-suited for use in marine environments because they are unreactive to moisture and chemical corrosion. Furthermore, the Department of Environmental Protection has designated FRP as an environmentally safe, non-polluting material due to its chemical inertness. No more worries about the chemicals in your pilings leaching into the water!

Our challenge was to come up with a system to attach a boat lift to the carbon fiber pile. Unlike pilings made from traditional materials that are solid, carbon fiber pilings are hollow pipes. Our engineers designed a no-drill bracket that would not pinch the carbon fiber pile or deform its top under the weight of the boat lift.

Engineering diagram of no drill clamp to secure imm quality boat lifts to carbon fiber pilings

Figure 1. No-drill clamp to secure boat lifts to carbon fiber pilings

The second issue was to figure out a way to safely distribute the downward force so that the carbon fiber pipe would not deform. If not designed properly, the walls of the pipe could fold inward or splay outward and the pipe could split and collapse. IMM Quality Boat Lifts engineers designed an aluminum pile pad that covered the open end of the pipe, which would also interact with the no-drill clamps and our standard top beam pile-mount bracket.

Engineering diagram of aluminum pile pad designed to distribute the load over the open end of the carbon fiber pipe

Figure 2. Aluminum pile pad designed to distribute the load over the open end of the carbon fiber pipe

When properly assembled, the custom components securely attach the lift top beam to the carbon fiber piling (See Figure 3 below). A pair of no-drill clamps are connected with bolts that tighten the clamps around the carbon fiber piling. The aluminum pile pad sits on top of the piling and the pile mount bracket clamps to the flanges of top beam channel. The pile mount bracket also secures the pile pad by fitting into the “T-shaped” notch. Finally, the strap of the pile mount bracket attaches to the no-drill clamps with bolts.

Rendering of carbon fiber mount system

Figure 3. Carbon fiber pile mount system

Aprea-Mare 9 named Pegasus rests on an IMM Quality Boat Lift anchored by new carbon fiber piling technologies

Of course, your choice of marine contractor is critically important, and Diversion Boat Lift Company made sure that everything went according to plan. Family owned and operated, Diversion has served Southern Louisiana since 2004.

Diversion boat lift company logoInstalling a boat lift into an existing boat house can be tricky. That is why Diversion Boat Lift Company is one of our preferred partners. They have the experience and technical knowledge to make sure that even the most difficult installations are done safely and will stand the test of time.

Forward view of boat resting on carbon fiber piling technology brought to market by IMM Quality Boat Lifts“At Diversion Boat Lift Company, we approach every lift opportunity with an engineering mindset. Together with IMM, we designed this custom lift to meet the specifications of the boat and the boathouse characteristics. Almost every job has its unique set of challenges; together with IMM we have been tackling them, while making our customers happy,” said Steve Fantauzzo, principle at Diversion Boat Lift Company.

If you are in the market for a new boat lift, please ask us about all the cutting-edge technologies that IMM Quality Boat Lifts incorporates into our products. When only the absolute best boat lift will do, the smart choice is IMM Quality Boat Lifts.

Save on Professional Tools with 2022 Tax-Free Holiday from Sept. 3-9

Save big on professional tools like these during the FL state tax holiday for tools Sept 3-9

Would you like to buy a set of professional tools without paying full price? From Saturday, September 3 to Friday, September 9, Florida marine contractors, boat owners, mechanics and hobbyists can score state-wide tax savings on a variety of tools that are commonly used by skilled trade workers. This sales tax holiday was established by the Florida Legislature in 2021 to support Florida residents and businesses.

For most tools, a specified amount has been set by the Florida Legislature per item or category of item. Retail stores will not collect state sales tax until the retail price exceeds this specified amount. Then, the stores will only tax the portion of your purchase that exceeds the legislature’s set threshold. However, the sales tax holiday does not include rentals of eligible items or sales that occur within a theme park, entertainment complex, public lodging establishment or airport.

Click here to view the complete list of eligible tools and criteria from the State of Florida.

And if your summer plans include less shopping and more boating, we’d love to do the heavy lifting to help you get your family on the water as easily and quickly as possible. Request a quote for your custom boat lift today!

READ MORE: Get Back to Doing What You Love Most with IMM Quality Boat Lifts

How Does an Elevator Boat Lift Work?

This Platinum elevator boat lift raises a white and blue boat from the water at a residential home
Have you ever wondered, “How does an elevator lift work?” An elevator boat lift functions much like other standard boat lift systems, in that it removes and securely stores your boat above the water. At the same time, an elevator system has a uniquely specialized design. In a recent blog article, IMM Quality Boat Lifts examined the basic parts and function of a boat lift, explaining how it works and why many boat owners view this as a wise investment. Check out our informative piece about standard features (cable, pulleys, nylatron wheels, auto stop, remote control etc.) on lift systems to learn more.

Why Buy an Elevator Boat Lift?

Are you wondering, “Why buy an elevator boat lift?” First, be sure to analyze your needs. You need to know the make and model of your watercraft or yacht as well as the water conditions (water depth, tidal fluctuation, bottom conditions, etc.) at your installation location. It pays to take the time to explore your options in consultation with a knowledgeable marine contractor. While it may sound like a cliché, not all lifts are created equal. Each type serves its unique purpose.

Make Boating Easier with an Elevator Boat Lift

Elevator lifts are a good option for locations in which the installation of pilings is difficult or prohibited.  This may be due to the limited water rights of the property, crowded waterways, and canals, or because hard bottom conditions make the driving of pilings prohibitively expensive. Elevator boat lifts don’t require pilings for structural support and can accommodate larger vessels up to 40,000 lbs if the dock/seawall structure is strong enough. Elevator lifts provide convenience, protect boats, and add value to waterfront property.

Safety and Convenience with Elevator Boat Lifts

Thinking of installing an elevator boat lift at your waterfront property? Investing in an elevator lift offers you a number of advantages. This system provides safe and easy access to the water, allowing you to launch and dock your vessel with a single push of a button. Even in narrow canals, elevator lifts can safely maneuver your boat in and out of the water. With this type of system, you’ll enjoy a perfect fit for any vessel size – plus all the convenience and safety of using elevator technology. Contact IMM Quality Boat Lifts today to learn more about elevator boat lifts and view our gallery of styles and installations.

How Do Elevator Boat Lifts Differ?

IMM Quality walkboard and platinum elevator boat lift at waterfront home

Our Different Elevator

As you can see, the system minimizes the amount of support structure that is visible above the deck height. Many homeowners prefer this less obtrusive style of boat lift because it provides a more open view of their waterfront property. To view more photos of IMM Quality elevator boat lifts, click here to browse our online gallery of current styles.   This Alumavator elevator lift raises a white and blue covered boat from the water


An elevator system differs from a standard one in a few key ways. Instead of a top beam supported by pilings, it uses rails (I-beam tracks) supported by your dock or seawall. These rails may be mounted vertically or at an angle, depending on your needs. One end of the rail is driven into the seabed while the other is attached to the dock with mounting brackets and track bracing. You should consult a knowledgeable marine contractor to confirm that your dock structure is capable of supporting the load created by the elevator system and to determine the best angle of installation and the required length of the rails.


Elevator lifts have two powerheads that attach to the top of each rail. The powerheads consist of the drive system (gearing and motor) under a protective cover that is coupled to a grooved aluminum cable winder. These powerheads pull the carriage up and lower the carriage down the rails using stainless steel cables. Put simply, it is like a train (carriage) riding on rails.

Elevator lifts PowerheadsPowerhead Drive Systems

For more information on our different lift drive systems, please visit the following pages- Alumavator Elevator Boat Lifts, This high-performing chain lift drive offers an economical option. IMM Quality’s select elevator boat lift model includes many free special features that would otherwise be considered optional upgrades by other dealers.
Platinum Elevator Boat Lifts, This maintenance-free elevator boat lift uses a direct drive and offers an array of special features that make it easy and convenient to head for open waters from any setting.
Superlift Elevator Boat Lifts, Originally designed for commercial marinas, this rugged, industrial-duty gearless elevator boat lift system offers the fastest, most efficient lift on the market for discerning boaters.

Carriage Construction

Elevator lifts use a carriage constructed of two “L” shaped arms connected by two aluminum bunks and cross bracing. The carriage has wheels that ride along the top surface of the I-beam track as well as the underside of the same I-beam flange.   IMM Quality Boat Lifts gussets our elevator boat lift “L” shaped arms with one-inch thick billet aluminum plates. Why are our gusset plates so much thicker than the competition’s? Because our gusset plates have CNC-machined channels cut into them that secure the upper and lower flanges of the I-beams that form the “L” shaped arms of the carriage. Fitted together in this way, the gusset plate reinforces the I-beam joint and provides mechanical support, so that the lift is not relying solely on the strength of welded construction. Furthermore, this innovative approach guarantees the correct alignment of the elevator carriage parts in all three dimensions, fixing the proper angles for the arms and eliminating excess stress on the joint. No more cock-eyed, out-of-square elevator carriages.

The Most Innovative Elevator Boat Lift Design

At IMM Quality Boat Lifts, we bring more than 40 years of experience and knowledge in manufacturing three elevator boat lift models, accessories, technological innovations, and design. Our engineering team constantly makes design improvements to offer stronger and more durable lifts than any other manufacturer in the industry.

Get the Most Out of Your Boating Experience

This patented innovation revolutionized our industry. It increased the strength and durability of IMM Quality’s elevator boat lifts, beyond what our competitors can offer, so that we may confidently claim that we have the strongest elevator arm joints in the industry. If you would like to explore an elevator boat lift for your home or marina, complete our CONTACT FORM or REQUEST A QUOTE and we’ll give you a call to tell you what sets IMM Quality Boat Lifts apart from other manufacturers! READ MORE: Custom Boat Lifts & Accessories Make It Easier to Access Your Boat with IMM Quality 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) on Elevator Boat Lift

An elevator boat lift functions by lifting and securely storing your boat above the water, similar to other boat lift systems. However, it uses a specialized design with rails supported by your dock or seawall, allowing the boat to be raised and lowered with a carriage system that moves along these rails.

Elevator boat lifts are ideal for locations where installing pilings is difficult or prohibited due to factors like water rights, crowded waterways, or hard bottom conditions. They do not require pilings for structural support and can handle larger vessels, making them a versatile option for different marine environments.

Key features of elevator boat lifts typically include cable systems, pulleys, nylatron wheels, auto stop capabilities, and remote control operation. These components work together to provide a smooth and efficient lift process, enhancing convenience and safety for boat owners.

Unlike standard lifts that often rely on a top beam supported by pilings, elevator lifts use rails (I-beam tracks) that can be mounted vertically or at an angle, directly supported by the dock or seawall. This setup minimizes the visible support structure, offering a less obtrusive appearance and preserving the view of waterfront properties.

It is important to know the specifications of your boat and the conditions at your installation site, such as water depth and tidal fluctuations. Consulting with a knowledgeable marine contractor is essential to ensure your dock can support the load of the lift and to determine the best installation approach for your specific needs.

What Is a Boat Lift? Your Questions Answered.

This photo shows what is a boat lift as white boat is raised from the water by an IMM Quality boat lift

What is a boat lift? The short and easy answer is that a boat lift system is a device that both lifts a boat out of the water and safely stores the boat above the water for easy launch and retrieval. However, boat lifts offer waterfront homeowners and boaters far more function and value than this simplified definition can convey.

Avid boaters will be the first to admit that storing any type of boat in the water is not a viable long-term plan. In fact, storing a boat in water can cause a variety of serious issues – and have a big impact on your wallet. This is where a boat lift becomes a wise investment to not only accommodate easy boarding but to protect your investment!

Why Should I Buy a Boat Lift?

24/7 exposure to salt water or fresh water can cause costly boat damage from corrosion, osmotic blisters, discoloration or even from heavy wake. Boat owners often pay divers to clean the hull’s undergrowth of barnacles, algae and other biological organisms. Following a rigorous cleaning, boats often need a new gel coat application or other repairs to their hull, which can be expensive.

On the other hand, with the simple press of a button, a boat lift provides storage solutions that save owners money over time. Storing a boat securely above the water serves to protect an owner’s investment from damage and extend the life of their vessel. After the initial installation, a boat lift also makes it more convenient to access open waters while eliminating the risks associated with trailer transportation and the hassle of public ramps. Who wouldn’t want the ability to safely lower their vessel into the water and boat away within minutes?

Are There Different Types of Boat Lift Systems?

Not all boat lifts are the same! There are many different types of boat lift systems that serve different purposes. At IMM Quality Boat Lifts, we design, manufacture and engineer custom boat lifts of all types for salt water and fresh water settings.

What Are Some Essential Boat Lift Parts?

While each type of boat lift is designed differently, there are several basic boat lift parts that ensure your boat lift functions properly. Here is a quick overview of essential boat lift parts:

Bunks. While the boat is being lifted or lowered, it rests on bunks to avoid damage to the hull or pontoons. Bunks are adjusted to fit your boat.

Cables. Boat lift cables do the heavy lifting – literally. Cables are typically made from stainless steel to offer corrosion resistance and strength.

Cable Winder. This grooved boat lift part keeps a boat lift’s cables neat and tidy during the raising or lowering process.

Cradles. The cradles sit at the bottom of the boat lift and your bunks attach to the cradles. It’s what your cables raise and lower to move your boat in and out of the water. Each boat lift typically has two cradles, one in the front and one in the rear, to support and secure the vessel.

Drive Units. The drive unit functions as a boat lift’s transmission and should be inspected regularly. When your boat lift’s motor is running, the components inside the drive unit work together to move the cradle and bunks.

Guide Poles. As the name implies, the guide poles are vertical poles attached to the cradles that help boat owners position the boat correctly over the bunks. Typically, there are two poles to designate the port and two to designate the starboard perimeters.

Sheaves. Sheaves are key elements of the cable system that raises and lowers a boat lift. These pulleys lighten the lifted load and can extend the lifespan of the lift cables.

Top Beam. The top beam is the structure that serves to spread the weight of your boat across each piling of your boat lift. Top beams contain the drive units, lift cables and winders. Beamless lifts do not have top beams or other pile-to-pile structure. In low profile installations, the top beam may also be used as a step, or it can be decked over as part of a walk platform.

For boat owners, a boat lift is a worthwhile investment that pays off over time. That’s why IMM Quality Boat Lifts is dedicated to engineering boat lift systems that deliver safety, reliability, durability and ease. With more than 40 years of industry-leading expertise, our innovative, superior product designs can provide the advanced function and value that waterfront homeowners and avid boaters need.

What Is a Boat Lift? A Wise Investment!

Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words. Check out our photo galleries, which show many types of boat lift systems for sale by IMM Quality Boat Lifts. If you’d like to explore a custom design for your home, complete our CONTACT FORM or REQUEST A QUOTE, and we’ll give you a call!

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Partner Spotlight: Custom Boat Lift Installation with Williamson Bros Marine Construction

IMM Quality Boat Lifts partnered with Williamson Bros to create a custom lift for this Argo Sherp Pro XT

IMM Quality Boat Lifts would like to take the opportunity to highlight some incredible work by one of our preferred partners, Williamson Bros Marine Construction.

Exterior view of IMM Quality Boat Lifts preferred contractor Williamson Bros shop in cape coral

Headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida, Williamson Bros Marine Construction has specialized in building custom docks, seawalls and tiki huts since 1996. Built on four generations of marine construction expertise, this family-run business has grown into one of Southwest Florida’s premiere companies.

Much like IMM Quality Boat Lifts, the Williamson brothers have built their reputation and business with a commitment to exceptional customer service and old-world craftsmanship. They will design your dream project from scratch, with your needs and goals in mind.

Jimmy and Joe of Williamson Bros Marine ConstructionThese shared values have allowed a partnership between IMM Quality Boat Lifts and Williamson Bros Marine Construction to flourish. The recent installation of a custom boat lift for a specialized Sherp vehicle highlights how our two companies work together to create solutions for any custom marine construction project.

Engineering a Custom Boat Lift Installation

Recently, one of the Williamson Bros’ clients came to them with an unusual custom request. He had recently purchased an Argo Sherp Pro XT. The Sherp was originally designed to be a rescue vehicle for use in the Himalayan mountains. It can easily transition between water and land. The Sherp’s 71-inch tubeless tires provide more than enough buoyancy for the Sherp to float and function as four paddlewheels that power the Sherp across open water. The capabilities of this amphibious utility vehicle allow it to navigate the most difficult terrain anywhere on Earth.

Our client brought a grand vision for this custom boat lift project. Fitted with all the creature comforts, including a grill, and with seating for eight, he intends to use the Sherp to transport his family through the waterways of Cape Coral. He can drive onto land anywhere they like to have a picnic or enjoy the coastal environment.

However, he simply did not want to tie up the Sherp to his dock. He worried about the effects that constant submersion in saltwater would have on its components. What if someone untied the lines and simply floated the Sherp away? Obviously, he needed the safety and security of a boat lift.

Custom Boat Lift Installation with Williamson Bros Marine Construction

IMM Quality Boat Lifts and the Williamson Bros partnered together to tackle multiple challenges that arose during the project.

The first hurdle to overcome revolved around modifying a standard boat lift to handle the rolling load of the Sherp as it drives onto the lift from land. Obviously, it made sense to deck over the cradles to provide a drivable surface. But how would we prevent the decked platform from swinging away from the seawall, as the Sherp tried to drive onto it?

Most boat lift companies can only offer fixed cookie-cutter designs, because they do not have the manufacturing capabilities to make their own boat lift parts. However, IMM Quality’s factories can make any structural part that our engineers design, thanks to our advanced manufacturing process. As a result, IMM Quality Boat Lifts had the ability to custom-engineer and manufacture a solution that delivers a superior product design for our client.

Our solution involved extending the lift’s top beams so that they were cantilevered past the support pilings. That way, the lift cables would hang as close to the seawall as possible (see layout figure below). This wider installation of the cables would limit the amount of swing.

Figure of Lift Layout

IMM Quality Boat Lifts work order for boat lift figure of lift layout

Furthermore, if the cable “drop” was located at the standard installation position, there would be several feet of decked platform between the seawall and cable. The Sherp would push down on this overhanging platform, creating a lever force centered on the cable. This could cause the platform to tip up, like a seesaw.

By installing the cable “drop” as close to the sea wall as possible, we eliminated the possibility of the platform tipping. Finally, we designed special platform guides that rode the pilings as the lift goes up and down. These guides further limit the decked platform from shifting around.

Argo Sherp Pro XT secured above the water on overhanging platform

The second hurdle that we had to overcome was how to safely lift the weight of the Sherp. The lift cradle beams had to be framed with additional aluminum to support the Sherp’s weight. And, it had to be done in a way that the deck’s Thru-Flow panels could be installed securely.

With an in-house engineering and design team, this was an easy task for IMM Quality Boat Lifts. Look at this engineer’s drawing of the 7-foot by 20-foot decked platform to see how we resolved the issue.

Engineered Drawing of the 7-Foot by 20-Foot Platform

Engineered Drawing of the 7 by 20 Platform Deck Lift Frame

Finally, we had to design bunks to lift the Sherp without damaging the vehicle. The client wanted the bunks so that the lift would take the weight off the tires. That way, they could be deflated to extend the life of the tires.

Custom Boat Lift Installation with IMM Quality Boat Lifts & Williamson Bros

After the design and manufacturing of any custom boat lift is complete, the final critical piece of the puzzle is the lift installation. Poor installation negates the safety and reliability of your lift, while proper installation ensures years of use from your investment. It’s why IMM Quality Boat Lifts is grateful to partner with qualified installation professionals like Williamson Bros Marine Construction.

Williamson Bros deploys highly knowledgeable crews with decades of experience to work on each boat lift installation project. You can clearly see the crew’s attention to detail and the quality of their craftmanship in the pictures and video shared above. Their tremendous experience is invaluable with custom lift installations.

Why? Sometimes what looks good on paper doesn’t work in the real world. The practical, hands-on experience that Williamson Bros brings to the job allows them to make design alterations while in the field, if something doesn’t match up perfectly or meet the homeowner’s expectations.

Argo Sherp Pro XT parked on IMM Quality custom deck lift

As you can see from the finished product, the partnership between IMM Quality Boat Lifts and Williamson Bros Marine Construction delivered excellent results for our client.

When you combine world-class engineering, state-of-the-art manufacturing and decades of top-quality marine construction experience, great things will happen. If you have a dream that you would like to see turned into reality, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

IMM Quality custom boat lift lowers Argo Sherp Pro XT into water

Feeling inspired by this feat of design, engineering and manufacturing? Complete our CONTACT FORM or REQUEST A QUOTE and IMM Quality Boat Lifts will give you a call! To reach the Williamson Bros to schedule your boat lift installation, please call 1-844-WB-BUILT or go online to request a quote.

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Our Superlift Is Built for Speed

IMM Quality Superlift boat lift with red and black nor tech 450 sport at a dock with shallow water

Some people feel the need to go fast. Super fast.

For boaters who are ready to take their game to a whole new level, the Superlift by IMM Quality Boat Lifts is the fastest boat lift for sale on the market. Our Superlift can safely and quietly raise million-dollar yachts from the water at the mere touch of a button!

Front view of IMM Quality Superlift boat lift with red Nor-Tech 450 Sport at a dock with low water depthWe believe the Superlift is the finest industrial-duty boat lift in service. Our accomplished engineering team has developed next-level design innovations that transform and improve the functionality of our Superlift drive. It has revolutionized the boat lift industry.

This is due to the cycloidal reducers in the boat lift drive, an engineering marvel that renders obsolete the traditional worm drives in our competitors’ designs. These incredible cycloidal reducers function as a type of gearless drive system.


By using cycloidal reducers to enhance the capability of our Superlift boat lift drive, IMM Quality Boat Lifts is able to minimize contact stress and deliver precise lifting action with zero backlash. Energy efficient and whisper quiet, cycloidal reducers also experience minimal wear. To understand the science behind the Superlift drive’s cycloidal reducers, and why they work better than most competing gear boxes, check out this blog post.

This translates to a much longer service life with tremendous energy savings – and better value for your investment. Nothing can touch the performance of our Superlift as the fastest four-post boat lift for sale in the industry. IMM Quality Boat Lifts is so confident in the Superlift’s cycloidal reducers that we offer a lifetime warranty for each Superlift drive!

Waterfront home featuring IMM Quality Superlift boat lift with red and black Nor-Tech 450 Sport at a dock with low water depth

Our Superlift Is the Most Dependable Boat Lift for Sale

But, going fast isn’t the only area where the Superlift outperforms other boat lift products for sale. Because the Superlift was engineered for industrial duty, it is meant to run all day, every day. As a result, the performance of the Superlift’s drive system is so strong and dependable that IMM Quality Boat Lifts has never experienced a single failure in the history of our Superlifts. Not one single failure.

IMM Quality Superlift boat lift raises a red Nor-Tech 450 Sport above the water

The Superlift pictured here features kicked custom-designed cradles that accommodate this Nor-Tech 450 Sport at a dock with low water depth. One of our preferred partners, Williamson Bros Marine Construction, delivered the professional, high-quality installation for this Superlift in Cape Coral, Florida.

When only the absolute best will do, the Superlift is your only choice. This superior boat lift is the perfect combination of beauty, speed and power. It’s built to last a lifetime!

Feeling inspired by this feat of design, engineering and manufacturing? Let us create the lift you deserve. Complete our CONTACT FORM or REQUEST A QUOTE and we’ll give you a call!

How IMM Quality Builds the World’s Best Boat Lifts 

Two IMM Quality assembly staff show off one of the world's best boat lifts

IMM Quality Boat Lifts TM manufactures the world’s best boat lifts – and the news is out! Our well-appointed facilities in Fort Myers, Florida, buzz with daily activity. We have an expertly trained team of more than 40 designers, engineers and manufacturers. Each year, we ship more than 2,000 American-made boat lifts across the country and throughout the world.

During the past five years, we’ve made headlines globally and experienced a marked increase in consumer demand for our safe, maintenance-free boat lifts. As a result, IMM Quality Boat Lifts has invested more than $3 million into new equipment, factory improvements and facility space. That allows us to grow and expand our business capabilities while prioritizing a safe environment for our employees.

IMM Quality employee assembles one of the world's best boat lifts for shipping

But what actually makes our boat lifts better than the rest? It’s simple: IMM Quality Boat Lifts manufactures all the structural parts that go into our boat lifts. That means we can approach any project, or any client’s vision for custom design, with complete freedom. We never take a “one-size-fits-all” mentality.  

You’ll never catch us cobbling together pre-made, commercially available parts to make a product that’s the “best of what’s available,” under any circumstances. Boat lifts cobbled together from existing parts always sacrifice performance, durability and safety. Instead, our advanced manufacturing and engineering capabilities give us tremendous flexibility to design and create any part needed to assemble a precise, custom-manufactured boat lift with specialized capacity or enhanced accessibility. No one else has that capability.  

Engineering the World’s Best Boat Lifts

To accomplish this, IMM Quality Boat Lifts deploys a refined engineering process for the highest quality boat lift products for sale in the industry.

  • Aluminum Delivery
  • Cutting
  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Assembly
  • Shipping

Our facility setup provides our manufacturing team with the same resources as national automotive and aerospace companies that produce highly refined products for travel and space exploration. Similarly, our patented technologies and designs outperform the competition and cannot be purchased elsewhere.

Our exceptional attention to detail along every step of this process is why many of our original boat lift products are still in operation after over 40 years of consumer use!

Step #1: Marine-Grade Aluminum Delivery 

It all begins when a shipment of marine-grade aluminum arrives at our production facility in Fort Myers, Florida. We use only aluminum for our boat lifts. That’s because a fundamental property of aluminum is that it only oxidizes on the surface. Comparatively, steel and iron will rust all the way through. Therefore, aluminum retains its structural integrity in situations where steel and iron would fail.

Galvanized steel is coated with zinc to limit its oxidation. Unfortunately, the zinc coating is easily scraped off during transport, which can quickly lead to rust. Some competitors use materials like galvanized steel to craft components in their boat lifts. In some cases, those products may already be rusting upon delivery! How long will these products last before they fail?

IMM Quality aluminum delivery waits to be cut into precision boat lift parts

Salt water is especially harsh on lesser materials, which can degrade the performance and longevity of your boat lift. That’s why IMM Quality Boat Lifts only uses the best materials: marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel. Only marine-grade aluminum or stainless steel can stand the test of time. These best-in-class materials ensure our customers gain a lifetime of use from their boat lift purchase.

Step #2: Cutting Boat Lift Parts 

Our engineers design each lift using the industry’s most modern computer-aided design (CAD) software. We carefully review our designs using materials stress-analysis testing software. We also extensively test the designs at our facility before any product is approved for sale.

Although we’re confident in our designs, we still send them to outside engineering firms for review. Their engineers will independently analyze our designs and provide signed and sealed copies of our engineering specifications. These documents can be used during the permitting process to legally certify that our products exceed Florida’s current building code, the most rigorous marine construction code in the nation.

Once it is time to build a boat lift, we generate a work order. This document contains all engineered drawings and instructions to manufacture every part of a lift. Before making the first cut, our production manager carefully reviews specifications for each boat lift while ensuring we have the necessary materials on hand.

After the materials arrive, each piece of aluminum must be cut into the right size before machining the parts. Our CAD designs are converted into computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) files. Those files are then imported into computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines. With the CAM files loaded, our CNC auto-saws quickly cut the stock aluminum material into the correct pieces.

Taking this computer-guided approach to engineering streamlines an otherwise time-consuming manufacturing process. It allows IMM Quality Boat Lifts to keep up with increased demand for the world’s best boat lift products!

IMM Quality uses cutting edge technology to manufacture precise boat lift parts for sale 2

Additionally, taking a computer-guided approach to our engineering process allows our team to consistently produce precision-cut boat lift parts. No matter how diverse or customized the design specifications may be, we can cut even the smallest parts with confidence. That ultimately shows in the quality of our products!

Step #3: Machining Boat Lift Parts

Once the raw materials are cut down to size, the next step is machining. Using 3D modeling software, we complete manufacturing with our fully computerized CNC machines, which guarantee precision and quality. The following series of photos and videos show the production of a gearbox mount plate, from engineered drawing to fully machined part.

Here is an engineering schematic of a mount bracket designed to attach the gearbox to the top beam of IMM Quality’s 32-40K Platinum boat lifts.

IMM Quality engineering schematic for gearbox mount for 32 to 40k platinum lifts

As they say, measure twice, cut once! In the video below, you will see the CNC machine’s probe determines the exact location of the aluminum blank before starting to cut.

Next, the CNC mill makes a perfectly flat surface for the part.

Then, it’s time to cut the aluminum part down to the engineer’s specifications.

Finally, this next video shows the CNC mill forming threads within the gearbox mount bracket for screwing in bolts.

The surface texture seen in this before-and-after photo is deliberate.IMM Quality CNC machine cuts gearbox mount for 32 to 40k platinum lifts

While the machine could create a perfectly flat face for the aluminum, a ridged surface provides friction and helps prevent the part from slipping under high torque. It’s just one more example of the innovative improvements that set IMM Quality Boat Lifts apart from competitors. This is thanks to extensive manufacturing capabilities that allow us to design, engineer and manufacture all components for our boat lift products at our own facilities!

IMM Quality Boat Lifts uses the best equipment and technologies available to manufacture the highest quality boat lift parts, such as the modern software suite that designs our products and runs the CNC machines.

  • CNC auto-saws
  • CNC vertical mills
  • CNC horizontal mills
  • CNC routers
  • CNC lathes
  • CNC plasma cutters
  • CNC iron workers
  • CNC punch presses
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Hydraulic breaks
  • Hydraulic shears
  • Hydraulic pipe and tube benders
  • Drill centers with sliding presses on linear rails

For example, one boat lift design might call for the use of a CNC vertical mill to drill holes for future assembly. For another, a turn on the lathe might be needed to finish the creation of a boat lift’s new pulleys or cable winders. The result is meticulously precise, reliable boat lift parts that are ready for welding.

Step #4: Welding the World’s Best Boat Lifts 

While some parts are ready for assembly directly after machining, other parts are combined into a larger construct. Generally, we only bolt together those parts that require adjustability. For example, bunk brackets are bolted to cradles so that the spacing of the bunks can be adjusted in the field. Otherwise, we weld our parts together to create a rigid unibody construction.

Welding is an important part of IMM Quality's boat lift engineering process

Quality welding begins with the best equipment. For stainless-steel parts like the pile mount strap, we have dedicated Millermatic 255 MIG welders. For all the aluminum parts, we have dedicated Miller systems with XR-Alumafeed guns and AlumaPower 450 machines. Both systems have push-pull guns with synergic-pulsed MIG welding. This type of welding increases ease of use and achieves “stacked dimes” on every weld.

Our primary welding department is spacious enough for six welders to work simultaneously to keep up with high production demands. Even more important than the equipment and workspace, all our welders are American Welding Society-certified tradesmen with more than 100 years of combined experience. Once our experts complete the welds, they are cleaned and inspected to make sure they meet IMM Quality Boat Lifts’ quality control standards.

This video demonstrates the precision welding of a bearing block to the stepped channel for one of IMM Quality’s boat lifts.

Step #5: Assembly

Now that precision-cut pieces of marine-grade aluminum have been welded and machined into final form, it’s time for assembly.

We have three separate areas where our team assembles the top beams, cradles and bunks. We even purchased and installed a specialized crane lift. This makes it easier for our staff to transfer heavy parts across the factory while assembling shipments.

To prepare the top beams, our staff:

  • Install the drive pipe and the drive system with gearboxes and motors.
  • Pre-wind the stainless steel cable.
  • Install the cover over the drive system.

Many people are surprised at how competitors often deliver the lift un-assembled, relying on the installer to correctly assemble the gearbox and electric motors into their top beams!

To assemble the cradle beams, we pre-install the pulleys, wedge-lock cable adjusting mechanism, guide-post brackets and bunk brackets. A bunk system appropriate to your boat’s hull design is made to order. Rest assured: There will be no top-side rivets to scratch your hull on our bunks!

Once assembly is complete, our shop manager inspects each order for accuracy. Then, our expert team carefully wraps and bundles all boat lift components for delivery, including the top beam, cradles and bunks. We also include any additional accessories along with straightforward installation instructions.

Collage of boat lift assembly by IMM Quality Boat Lifts staff

Although the pandemic created many challenges for manufacturers, IMM Quality Boat Lifts has successfully grown our very own fleet of delivery trucks. We now have a grand total of eight trucks. This allows us to make deliveries across the United States and Canada, satisfying North America’s increased demand for the world’s best boat lift products.

IMM Quality Boat Lifts truck is loaded up and ready to deliver the world's best boat lifts

Today, IMM Quality Boat Lifts is ideally situated to deliver our shipments to any port in the world. This economy of scale keeps our delivery costs low while the cost of shipping freight continues to skyrocket.

Buy the World’s Best Boat Lifts from IMM Quality

After reviewing our engineering process, it’s clear that IMM Quality Boat Lifts manufactures the world’s best boat lifts. As we continue to innovate and improve upon our industry’s best boat lift products, IMM Quality remains focused on safety, quality and performance. Meanwhile, we still provide exceptional value with every purchase.

Our expert engineering team is always available to consult with clients on custom design projects. We love a challenge and look forward to meeting your boat lift needs in the years to come.

Learn more about IMM Quality Boat Lifts  or explore our product lines on our website. Complete our CONTACT FORM or REQUEST A QUOTE and we’ll give you a call! 

The High-Speed Alumavator Boat Lift

In Celebration of National Employee Appreciation Day

IMM Quality Boat Lifts employee places company sticker on boat lift in advance of National Employee Appreciation Day

This year, National Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated on Friday, March 4. It’s the perfect opportunity for employers across the nation to recognize the value of their team members and express gratitude for their contributions to the company. But at IMM Quality Boat Lifts, we don’t limit our employee appreciation to just one day!

A family owned and operated business since our inception, IMM Quality Boat Lifts has always been deliberate in creating a safe, supportive environment every day for our crew of more than 40 talented engineers, designers and manufacturers. As a growing business, we especially appreciate how each member of our team is personally committed to delivering excellence and quality in all that they do. Together, we make the best boat lifts in the world!

IMM Quality Boat Lifts Prioritizes Employee Safety & Support

Our positive, yet relaxed and casual atmosphere, which centers around employee wellbeing, is one of many reasons why our staff believes IMM Quality Boat Lifts is a great place to work. “The family-style work environment is what I love most about working for IMM Quality Boat Lifts,” said Shawn, a purchasing manager who has worked for the boat lifts manufacturer for 10 years.

“Not only does IMM Quality Boat Lifts care about you as an individual, but they care about your family as well. They truly have an open-door policy and listen to any and all concerns,” added Ryan, a CDL driver who has delivered IMM Quality’s boat lifts across the county – and worldwide – for nearly four years. “I remember how the company went out and bought top-of-the-line new trucks and a trailer to ensure safety on the road for us drivers.”

“The company is reputable, has been around for a long time, and continues to grow,” he said. “I love being able to see our boat lift products develop from start to finish. All our contractors speak highly of our product and recommend it to their customers. When you see an IMM Quality Boat Lifts installation over the water, you’ll understand why we put ‘quality’ in our name.”

One of the team’s lead drivers, John, echoes Ryan’s thoughts about prioritizing employee safety. “The company has always been on top of fleet service by fixing any issues right away. They also purchased new delivery trucks and gooseneck trailers to ensure top-quality delivery of our boat lift products,” he said.

There’s also plenty of variety to keep the work day interesting. “I love that every day for me is different, whether I’m in the shop bundling lifts for my next delivery or out on the road driving through different states, delivering our boat lifts,” said John. “I also love talking with our loyal contractors about the finished product. They are always letting me know that IMM Quality Boat Lifts are the best in the industry – and the easiest to install. To them, the quality and innovation of our boat lifts products is why we earned the #1 spot in the industry.”

IMM Quality Boat Lifts Employees Fuel Company Growth & Innovation

Like Ryan and John, many employees love being a part of a growing, thriving company that leads the industry in safety, innovation and quality. “What I love most about IMM Quality Boat Lifts is the chance to create innovative products,” said Churchil, an engineer of more than two years.

“As the top boat lift manufacturer in the USA, IMM Quality Boat Lifts uses teamwork to divide up tasks and multiply the success. We can custom build for any boat or deck layout, guiding customers in the best choice of boat lift products for their needs with superior service. And our quality is the reason why we have the best warranty in the business,” explained Churchil.

Customers have taken note, and boat lifts are flying off the shelves. “The demand for boat lift parts has increased considerably during my two-and-a-half years on board,” shared Brian, a salesperson who connects marine contractors with boat lifts, accessories and boat lift parts for repairs. “We have new positions being filled due to this steep increase in sales. The company has also adapted by implementing new tools and ideas during this season of growth.”

Jake, a shipping manager of nearly four years, loves learning how to use these new technologies by embracing regular training opportunities that allow him and his coworkers to develop and enhance their skills while on the job. “You learn something new every day. If you have your priorities straight, you have a job. If you give respect, you get respect. Plus, my coworkers and bosses all have good senses of humor and a passion for improvement that matches my mine, which is very rare,” he said.

That innovative, growth-focused environment has contributed to the longevity of many employees who have spent decades working with IMM Quality Boat Lifts. “I’ve learned a lot over the years, and it’s a good place to work. It’s my second home,” said Marialy, who has assembled the company’s boat lifts for more than 20 years.

“What I love most is the family-style work environment and the friendships I have made. We can talk to each other about anything. You don’t feel judged and appreciate the honesty from the people you work with,” said Jazzmin, IMM Quality Boat Lifts’ receptionist of four years.

“These are real people in a comfortable atmosphere,” said Dawn, a computer numerical control (CNC) lathe machinist of just seven months. “They give me everything I ask for to run my job safely and with good quality. The machinists and engineers all care about the quality of our products.”

IMM Quality Boat Lifts also provides a salary and generous employee benefits for all. “In addition to very good medical, dental and vision plans, employees receive a $15,000 life insurance policy along with an annual profit-sharing bonus from the company,” said Candy, who has managed HR and accounts payable for nearly two years.

Other fun perks include catered employee appreciation luncheons that take place quarterly. For those who need them, there’s reimbursement for important safety gear, like steel-toed boots. And, of course, the company goes all out to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Because why celebrate employees on only one day of the year? The happiness and well-being of our employees contributes to our daily success and continued growth, so IMM Quality Boat Lifts creates a safe, supportive environment for our employees every day. It’s the least we can do to thank the hardworking, knowledgeable and innovative professionals who bring their talents to work each day at IMM Quality Boat Lifts.

Happy National Employee Appreciation Day!

Custom Cape Coral Boat Garage Features Dual Superlifts by IMM Quality Boat Lifts

white intrepid boat on IMM Quality boat house lift

There was once a time when families shared a single car, and it was the norm to park in the driveway or on the street. As the years passed, many families began investing in a second car.  People soon discovered the benefits and convenience of owning a home with an attached garage.

This same trend is starting to take place in the boating community. It started in regions with colder climates, where protecting your boat with an enclosed garage made a lot of sense. Now, boat garages have become popular among homeowners in Southern Florida.

In fact, IMM Quality Boat Lifts is currently putting the final touches on the installation of two Superlifts into a boat garage in Cape Trafalgar on Marco Island. We wanted to share some pictures of the dual boat lift installation process in action.

Top beam installation for two IMM Quality Superlift boat lifts

The vision for this project came from the homeowners, who wanted two independent deck lifts for their watercraft. The photograph above shows the installation of top beams for both Superlifts. One platform lift would be used with their Intrepid 410 Evolution, while the second platform would accommodate their Zodiac and Novurania ridged inflatable boats along with their jet skis and other personal watercraft.

In total, there is more than 1,500 square feet of platform for our lifts to handle. Working in consultation with the couple’s architect and home builder, our engineers designed a superior support structure for the two separate 44,000-pound Superlift boat lifts.

A combination of portable winches and lift cables for IMM Quality Superlift installation

As shown above, the builder used a combination of portable winches and the lift cables during the installation of the cradle beams and deck support beams.

I beam installation for superlift and decking

In this photo, you can see that there is an I-beam installed between the two lift cradles. It will support the keel of the Intrepid 410 boat. The I-beams that support the decking have been installed. Work is still underway on the installation of the cross beam supports for the decking.

Installation of two gem gr4a control boxes for superlifts

This picture showcases the installation and wiring of the two GEM GR4A control boxes. Both Superlift boat lifts have limit switches with auto-stop at all four corners. This allows the platform to self-level at the top and bottom. Input power to the lifts was 3-phase 240 volts.

IMM Quality keel beam and stanchion pad bunking system for superlifts

In the photo above, you can clearly see how each lift can operate independently of the other. The picture displays the keel beam and stanchion pad bunking system for the Intrepid 410. Both Superlifts have been decked with picture framing.

IMM Quality decked platform meets poured concrete boat garage slip

The photo above shows how closely the decked platform aligns with the poured concrete boat garage slip.

Boat garage with bunking for imm quality boat lifts

This view looks from the water, through the boat garage and towards the street. The bunking on the deck shown on the left accommodates the ridged inflatable boats and personal watercraft. The house sits on top of the garages, with a U-shaped driveway. Not shown in this picture, the garage for the cars is located to the left.

IMM Quality lowered stern platform for docking

The end of the lift has a lowered stern platform to safely accommodate the Intrepid’s motors during docking.

Intrepid 410 Evolution bunked on an IMM Quality Superlift in the upright position

This image shows the view from the driveway, looking through the boat garage and out to the water. Here, the Intrepid 410 boat is bunked with both Superlifts in the raised position.

Intrepid boat loaded on superlift with garage doors closing

Finally, it’s time to put the finishing touches on, including a nice new coat of paint for the boat garage. Rather than the Intrepid boat, a center console regulator is located on the Superlift. This photo shows the boat garage door nearly closed, and you can see the bunks for the ridged inflatable boats tipped down. The bunk system has tilting brackets that allow these bunks to fold down and accommodate a deck insert. This lets the homeowner enjoy one seamless, flat deck surface when the ridged inflatable boats are not on the lift.

Two IMM Quality Superlifts hold regulater and novurania boats inside custom garage

It doesn’t take much imagination to see how nice having a home with a boat garage would be! In the photo above, you can see the Regulater boat on one lift and the Novurania on the other, with the boat garage door open.

IMM Quality Superlift lowers Intrepid boat into water from boat garage

The secret about boat garages is out! In fact, IMM Quality Boat Lifts already has a third boat garage on Marco Island under construction. This Marco Island project uses one of our amazing Titan Yacht Lifts. We will share photos from this new boat garage in the future as progress continues.

Want a Boat Garage of Your Own? Contact IMM Quality Boat Lifts Today!

Feeling inspired by this feat of design, engineering and manufacturing? If you can picture yourself with an incredible boat garage system like this, please contact our sales staff. Complete our contact form or request a quote, and we’ll take great care of you!

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