Press Release May 11, 2018

IMM Quality Boat Lifts GEKA Hydracrop 110SD machine manufacturing the world's best boat lifts

IMM Quality Boat Lifts Invests in Additional CNC Machines!

Fort Myers, FL May 11, 2018 – IMM Quality Boat Lifts, the world’s leading manufacturer of boat lifts, continues to grow and expand capacity to meet strong customer demand.  This new equipment forms part of our ongoing $2.5 million equipment and facility expansion initiative that began last year.  The expansion initiative is a tremendous opportunity to continue to improve our industry-leading machining, fabrication and welding capabilities and reflects a very proactive stance to keep IMM Quality Boat Lifts growing and thriving in 2018 and beyond.

“We are humbled by the confidence and trust our customers have bestowed upon us,” said Mike Nanda, President, IMM Quality Boat Lifts.  “We are committed to honoring that trust with continued investment in our production capabilities, capacity and our employees.  We are serious about providing the highest quality products with the fastest turnaround time in the industry.”

This month, the company has added a Haas super-speed VF-4SS CNC vertical mill, a Haas GR-510 CNC gantry router and a GEKA Hydracrop 110SD CNC combination punch press and iron worker.  We have also added 10-ton overhead cranes to our top-beam assembly department, to our welding and fabrication department and to our delivery fleet loading area to allow the fabrication of much larger projects.

At IMM Quality Boat Lifts, we make all of the parts that go into our boat lifts ourselves, and that is why we are a big believer in computer numeric control (CNC) machining in our factories.  In a CNC manufacturing process, the dimensions for a given part are specified with computer-aided design (CAD) software and imported into a machine to control the movement of the machining tools.  CNC machining overcomes the limitations of manual control where live operators are needed to prompt and guide the machining tools via levers, buttons, and wheels.  CNC manufacturing allows for consistency in parts production that would be difficult, if not impossible, to replicate manually.  Our increased CNC manufacturing capacity will improve final product performance by offering superior part quality, best-in-class lead time, and unsurpassed on-time delivery.

Details on the new CNC machines:

Haas Automation offers a full line of American-made products and the high-quality Haas machines are engineered for simple maintenance, easy setup, and low-cost operation.  Haas developed the Wireless Intuitive Probing System (WIPS) with the job shop in mind.  Use the simple, easy-to-follow templates to set your tool and work offsets, literally, in seconds.  Not only will our shop be more productive and experience reduced setup times, the new machines also provide increased cutting performance, longer tool life, and better tool clearance.

VF-4SS Super-Speed VMC 50” x 20” x 25” with 15,000 RPM spindle, 40+1 side mount tool changer, 4th axis drive, wireless intuitive probing system, probe riser block, automatic pallet changer, CNC control cabinet cooler, programmable coolant nozzle and 32 GB expanded memory.

GR-510 gantry router 121” x 61 x 11” with 15,000 RPM spindle, 20 station automatic tool changer, wireless intuitive probing system, high speed machining, rigid tapping, programmable coolant nozzle, automatic air gun, minimum quantity lubrication system, CNC control cabinet cooler, remote jog handle, extended Z-axis clearance (6” risers) and 32 GB expanded memory.

GEKA Hydracrop 110SD is a universal ironworker featuring two hydraulic cylinders driving two simultaneous workstations.   The ironworker is fitted with tools for L (180 Tn power), shearing (180 Tn power), round and square bars, rectangular notching, triangular notching, tube notching and punching (120 Tn power).  The Semipaxy feature brings the newest CNC automation and positioning technology to the punching of metal.  This unit is equipped with programmable stops along the X- and Y-Axis.

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