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Launch or dock your kayak from the seawall with our NEW Kayak launch lift.

You most likely love to be on the water, enjoying the scenery, discovering new things and breathing in the fresh air as you explore in your kayak. Getting in your kayak is a different story. Is your dock too high to safely launch your kayak? Does your dock even have a ladder down to the water? Have you come up with a method to launch your kayak that is very awkward and uncomfortable? Have you seen a kayak dock lift from other manufacturers that looks poorly made, shakes and wobbles, and quite frankly, looks unsafe to operate?

Do you find yourself using your kayak less than you would like because of these issues? Are you ready to kayak without these aggravations?

Kayak lifts for docks, developed by IMM Quality Boat Lifts, are a simple solution to get you back in the water in no time. With three generations of engineering experience, we designed our kayak dock lifts to be easy to use, take up a minimum of space, and still be built strong enough to last a lifetime.

IMM Quality Boat Lift’s innovative new kayak dock lift lets you easily get your kayak in and out of the water from your dock or seawall. This lift is offered with an ADA-compliant, built-in angled ladder for comfortable climbing. IMM Quality’s kayak launch lifts have a non-slip boarding platform to make getting in or out of your kayak safe and easy. The kayak launch lift also has an aluminum handrail for secure boarding and added safety. These kayak lifts for sale are available in three sizes (standard, large and dual) to suit your needs. The adjustable nylon bunks can accommodate any kayak size, as well as other small watercraft like canoes and paddleboards.

Standard Features

  • Easy to Install
  • Welded Aluminum Construction / Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Supports up to 1200 Pounds
  • Up to 7-Foot Travel Distance Available
  • Non-Slip Boarding Platform
  • Adjustable Nylon Bunks for Kayaks of Varying Width
  • Hand Winch with Auto-Brake Controls the Up-And-Down Movement
  • Grab Rails Provide Stability During Boarding
  • Adapts to Fluctuating Water Levels
  • No Components Below Water in Up Position


  • Mounts to Seawalls or Permanent Docks
  • Electric Winch with Solar Power
  • Built-in Paddle Hooks
  • Regular Platform (16″ by 40″, 700lbs Capacity)
  • Large Platform (24″ by 48″ with 1,000-Pound Capacity)
  • Dual Launch Platform (24″ by 72″ with 1,200-Pound Capacity)


Specifications for the Kayak Lift is shown in the following chart:

Kayak Launch Lifts Specification Sheet

Kayak being lowered into canal

Kayak Lift Gallery

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