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Deck Boat Lifts

Platform lifts or Deck Boat Lifts add versatility and convenience to your boating experience. The deck lifts can be custom built to fit all IMM Quality Boat Lift styles and capacities. Each platform has an aluminum frame that is attached to the boat lift cradle. Heat resistant, anti-slip decking panels (available in various colors) are attached to the aluminum framing. These maintenance-free panels have an environmentally friendly open grate design that allows sunlight, wind and water to flow through, keeping vegetation alive and allowing the deck lift to easily move in to and out of the water.

Custom deck lifts can be designed and built for larger vessels such as offshore center consoles and even large yachts. The decked platforms add convenience for complete access to your vessel, making boarding and boat maintenance very easy. These platforms are also a great way to launch and service smaller vessels such as kayaks, jet skis, and flats boats. When a deck lift is paired with a remote control system, it works exceptionally well with personal watercraft. For example, a kayaker can lower their kayak into the water using the remote, and when they return, they can kayak over top of the platform, and easily lift the kayak out of the water using the remote.

Please visit the photo gallery, to see all the different ways deck lifts can improve your boating experience.