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Boat Lifts for Your Boating Needs

For those with a waterfront home, there’s nothing more convenient than custom boat docks & lifts, which make it simpler and faster to get to what you love doing most – sailing the open waters. However, not all boat docks & lifts are made equal!

How do we know? IMM Quality Boat Lifts has been building the world’s best boat lifts & docks for more than 40 years! Our happy customers and marine partners agree that IMM Quality Boat Lifts provides the best designs, top quality and highest reliability in the boat lift industry. IMM Quality’s easy-to-use, safe boat lifts & docks are engineered with the latest 3D modeling and structural analysis software, using fully computerized machines to ensure consistent high quality.

Build Your Dream Floating Boat Dock

Are you asking yourself, “Where do I find the best boat docks & lifts near me?” First, check out this free dealer locator by IMM Quality Boat Lifts. It will help you find the best boat lifts & docks dealers in your area. But, finding a reputable boat dealer is only half the battle!

You also need to consider several important factors that will affect which docks & lifts you will want to explore with your dealer. These include your choice of materials, installation specifications, the total capacity of your boat, and your desired type of boat docks & lifts for sale.

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1. Everything You Need To Know About Boat Lift Maintenance

Boat docks & lifts for sale in the United States can be manufactured from a variety of materials, including polys and plastics. However, the expert engineers at IMM Quality Boat Lifts recommend choosing marine-grade aluminum for the best results. The most durable boat lifts & docks are constructed from this rugged, long-lasting metal.

2. Be Aware of Potential Installation Challenges

Some homeowners have waterfront homes where community rules or space would not allow for vertical boat lift installation. Instead, an elevator boat lift might offer a better solution. These products are designed for boat owners with narrow or restricted waterfronts. Elevator boat lifts can be mounted on pilings or seawalls, in an inclined or vertical position. For some customers, this versatility is ideal – and necessary for their home.

3. Know the Boat Lift Capacity You Need

Each boat lift system comes with specific weight specifications. You should never, ever store a boat that exceeds the maximum weight rating on your list. This can cause significant damage to your investment. Instead, use IMM Quality Boat Lifts’ handy capacity calculator to ensure you buy the best boat lifts for your needs.

4. Select Your Ideal Style & Design

As many boat lift owners have already discovered, buying boat lifts & docks provide greater freedom and simplicity. The hardest part is choosing which type of boat lift & dock will work best for the style and aesthetic of your waterfront home or business. Here is a complete list of boat docks & lifts by IMM Quality Boat Lifts, with convenient links to individual product pages.

Resources To Help You Find the Best Docks & Lifts for Your Boat

Would you like a little help to identify the best docks & lifts for your waterfront home? Here are a variety of educational resources to help guide your search for boat docks & lifts. If you have any questions, or you’d like a personal quote from our experienced engineers, don’t hesitate to contact us! 

Large boathouse with IMM Quality custom boat lifts requires little to no boat lift maintenance