Boat Lift Accessories For Lifting, Docking, Storing And Making Repairs

Boat Lift Accessories for Lifting, Docking, Storing and Making Repairs

Lift accessories for boat lifts can make your life much easier by eliminating hassles and increasing safety. For example, guide-ins can save time and prevent docking difficulties. Floodlights increase safety and convenience. Hull supports can keep your sailboat or motorboat secure, and wireless remotes offer you the ability to control technology accessories.

Choosing The Right Lift Accessories for Your Needs

Depending on your boat’s size, value and dock, slip or berth location, certain accessories are more useful than others. Some of the most popular accessories include:
  • Walkways
  • Transmitters
  • Guide post brackets
  • Tide guide
  • Stern platform
  • Portable steps
  • Split ball weights
  • Pulleys
  • Cable Keepers
  • Rotary limit switches
  • Side mount brackets
  • Share-a-pile brackets
  • Bunk brackets
  • Gear boxes
  • Covers
  • Bonita manual controls

Solar Power

Installing solar power panels takes an upfront investment, but the cost-value return is phenomenal. Solar power is 100-percent reliable and very cost-effective once you get the panels installed. You’ll need one or more solar panels, a charge controller, inverter and backup battery to make the system work.

Gem Remote Control Units

Gem remote controls are the most powerful in the industry for controlling lifts as easily as opening your garage door. One unit can control up to four lifts. You can order a spare miniature remote that floats on the water if you drop it in the drink. An automated feature stops the lift at the top and bottom positions.

Hinged Boarding Platform

Hinged boarding platforms come in handy when the dock doesn’t wrap around the boat. That makes it difficult to wash, paint or maintain it. Other walk boards can be installed on the lift to simplify routine processes and prevent you from needing to lay on your back to perform some chores.

Pontoon Risers

Pontoon risers can help you dry out your pontoon. Bolting the tails directly to carpeting and decking generally results in standing pools of water because there’s no pathway for the water to drain. Rail risers allow you to drain water and circulate air, which stops mold and mildew growth and rotting.

Wood Bunks

Wood bunk accessories are popular for different types of lifts for adding stronger hull support for various models. They’re relatively easy to install for pontoons, fiberglass runabouts, and aluminum fishing boats. Lift accessories provide boat support, greater control, and convenience for repairs and maintenance. Using your lift regularly prevents lower-unit wear, hull blistering, corrosion and algae growth.


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