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Boat Lift Capacity Calculator

Boat Lift Capacity Calculator

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Choosing the correct boat lift capacity depends on knowing the fully loaded weight of your watercraft. Not sure how to calculate this figure? Simply input the numbers into our easy calculator tool to determine your boat’s overall weight.

Once you know the estimated capacity of your boat lift, read our guide on selecting the correct capacity lift and visit our product pages to select one of our standard boat lift models with greater capacity than the total loaded weight. Additionally, as the industry’s leading custom boat lift builder, IMM Quality Boat Lifts can design and engineer the perfectly sized boat lift for any individual’s unique needs.

For guidance or more information, please contact our experienced staff by phone at (800) 545-5603.

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Step-By-Step Instructions to Calculate
Your Boat Lift Capacity

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This calculator assumes that the watercraft’s center of gravity is loaded directly above the center of the lift cradles. Shifting the watercraft’s center of gravity in any direction away from the center of the lift cradles to accommodate walk-boards, dock structure, for convenience of access, or for any other reason, will change the capacity calculations. It may be necessary to increase the capacity of the lift to account for the off-centered load.

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Do you know your
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