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Marine Railway Boat Lifts Track System

The Marine Railway Boat Lifts are ideal for beach access or other gradual slope conditions where there are no deep water docks or seawalls. This unique type of lift is often used to pull boats or seaplanes onto dry land, into boat houses or inside garages. Often referred to as a “boat railroad” our system consists of type 6061-T6 aluminum rails on which a low profile carriage with vinyl covered aluminum bunks carries your boat and is powered by an electric push-pull drive. These systems are truly unique, so don’t hesitate to contact our custom design team to build a Marine Railway system that accommodates your boat lifting needs. Take a look at our design and see why IQ boat lifts are Built for a Lifetime. We specialize in providing top-quality marine railway lifts and accessories to boat owners around the world. Our selection of boat lift rail systems, boat railway systems, boat tracks, sliding rail systems, boat railing systems, and boat dock rail systems is designed to meet the needs of boaters of all types and sizes. Our boat lift rail systems are designed to make it easy and safe to lift your boat out of the water and onto your dock. We offer a wide range of options to suit your needs, including vertical lifts, cantilever lifts, and hydraulic lifts. Our boat railway systems are perfect for transporting your boat from the water to a storage area. They use a series of tracks and wheels to move your boat smoothly and safely. Our boat tracks are designed to guide your boat into a specific location with ease. Our sliding rail systems allow you to move your boat across the water with minimal effort, while our boat railing systems provide safety and stability for your passengers. Our boat dock rail systems are designed to keep your boat secure while moored, giving you peace of mind when you’re not on board. At IQ Boat Lifts, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and support. We are committed to helping you find the right boat lift rail system, boat railway system, boat track, sliding rail system, boat railing system, or boat dock rail system for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and how we can help you enjoy your time on the water.

Boat Lift Railway Track System Standard Features

  • All type 6061-T6 aluminum and type 300 stainless steel construction
  • Low-profile carriage with heavy-duty nylon rollers
  • Our custom aluminum bunks, covered in white vinyl, are guaranteed not to float. They are covered by a 10-year warranty against tearing, fading, mold and corrosion
  • Maintenance-free aluminum pulleys with unique self-lubricating bearing
  • Maintenance-free aluminum bearing blocks with no-lube Igus bushings
  • Stainless steel aircraft grade cables
  • Stainless steel turn buckle to adjust cable tension
  • Stainless steel electric motor push-pull power drive
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Heavy-duty reinforced guide post base with PVC-covered guide post that are easily adjustable
  • Gem remote control with handheld transmitter and built-in auto-stops enables in-water operation of your marine railway boat lift
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The Marine Railway Boat Lifts are available in three sizes, up to 10,000 pounds. Custom IMM Quality marine railway lifts for larger boats are available through our design services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Marine Railway Boat Lifts

They are perfect for areas with beach access or gradual slope conditions lacking deep water docks or seawalls.

This lift is versatile, suitable for both boats and seaplanes, facilitating easy transition onto dry land, into boat houses, or garages.

The system uses type 6061-T6 aluminum rails and a low-profile carriage with vinyl-covered aluminum bunks, powered by an electric push-pull drive.

Yes, a custom design team is available to create a Marine Railway system tailored to specific boat lifting needs.

Besides Marine Railway Lifts, they offer a variety of rail systems including boat lift rails, boat tracks, sliding rail systems, and boat dock rails, designed for safety, ease, and securing boats.