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To begin with, it is due to our tremendous custom boat lift design and development experience. With more than three generations of engineering and fabrication experience, IMM Quality Boat Lifts knows how to build the best custom boat lifts on the market. Some custom boat lift services may seem difficult and new to other companies, but IMM Quality Boat Lifts has experienced it all. Our proficient, seasoned engineers can work around any problems to ensure you get the best possible custom boat lift. We’re the most knowledgeable, experienced professionals you will ever encounter in the boat lift industry. Learn About Our Custom Machine Shop and Fabrication Service IMM Quality Boat Lifts has over 25,000 custom boat lifts for sale and in the field. Some IMM Quality custom boat lifts are still in operation after over 40 years! This unheard-of track record is evidence of our high-quality and trouble-free operation. You can rest assured that our IMM Quality custom boat lift services will last a lifetime. Check Our Current Boat Lift Styles. Another thing that sets IMM Quality Boat Lifts apart is the luxury of having a full-service, in-house engineering department to develop boat lifts. This means that IMM Quality Boat Lifts does not build one-size-fits-all products. Instead, we build custom boat lifts to accommodate your individual needs. From catamarans and deep keel sailboats to seaplanes, large-capacity yachts, and platform lifts with integrated decking, we are always available to help you with the design, location, and installation requirements for the perfect boat lift for your dream boat. Our designs are developed in-house by our full-time engineering team using the latest 3D modeling and structural analysis software. IMM Quality Boat Lifts designs and manufactures complete custom cradle systems to fit the boat lift manufacturer’s recommended bunk placement. Our full custom boat lift services make sure that you get a perfectly sized and equipped boat lift system that meets your needs.

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Our product lines offer a variety of standard and customizable options to suit the budget and specific needs of virtually any boat owner. To request an estimate, please fill out the form below to be connected with a local boat lift dealer near you. Your local boat lift dealer will reach out to you within two business days to provide the information you requested.