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As the leading expert in boat lift technology, IMM Quality Boat Lifts manufactures the best boat lifts available for sale in the country. Our patented product designs contain countless features that make IMM Quality Boat Lifts easier to use, safer to use, and more durable than any other boat lift for sale.

Our lifts are designed from scratch by the largest and most talented engineering department in the industry. We make all of our parts from the finest marine-grade materials at our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, using the most advanced CNC machines available.

IMM Quality Boat Lifts is dedicated to producing innovative boat lifts that exceed your expectations while providing exceptional and personal customer service that only a family-run small business can deliver. When building our first boat lift back in 1982, we focused on dependability and high standards and those values remain at the heart of our business today.

Review the variety of boat lift styles we offer below or learn how IMM Quality Boat Lifts are built for a lifetime!

world's best boat lift manufacturer

Built For A Lifetime!

Best Warranty in The Industry!
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In-House Engineering Department.
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Welcome to IMM Quality Boat Lifts

IMM Quality Boat Lifts has been family owned and operated since inception with over three generations of fabricating experience and engineering knowledge. Our company manufactures our full line of products at our state-of-the-art facilities in Fort Myers, Florida. We are committed to manufacturing all types of IMM Quality Boat Lifts. Every product is safe to operate and easy to use, helping you get your boat in and out of the water. Our high-quality boat lifts are long-lasting, dependable and aesthetically pleasing. In delivering on this commitment, IMM Quality Boat Lifts use only the very best materials and techniques available in the industry. This makes our company one of the best boat lift manufacturers in the world.

IMM Quality Boat Lifts systems are developed in-house by our full-time engineering team, using the latest 3D modeling and structural analysis software. We make all of the parts in-house in our fabrication department. The majority of our machine work is done on fully computerized machines, which guarantees the consistent high quality we demand. You cannot get a higher quality or better value boat lifts anywhere in the industry.

We manufacture Vertical and Elevator Boats Lifts, with four standard lines: The Alumavator / Select, the Platinum, the Superlift and the Titan. This allows your IMM Quality Boat Lifts dealer to offer products to suit the budget and specific needs of virtually any boat owner. IMM Quality Boat Lifts also manufactures accessories for your boat lift system and dock. These product lines include traditional four- or eight-pile beam, three-pile beam, beamless, elevator and boathouse configurations.

Why Choose IMM Quality Boat Lifts?

Our longevity in business and unmatched warranty are testaments to our claim that IMM Quality Boatlifts is the best manufacturer of boatlifts for your dock.

From the engineers who develop the patented, custom designs to the ASW D1.2 aluminum certified welders to the skilled machinists and to our customer support staff, our pride and dedication show in every product that leaves our factory.

Dependable, patented, unsurpassed design, top-notch service and most of all, built like no other for years of trouble-free use.

You can find all types of IMM Quality Boatlifts and featured products at many boat shows around the country!

Superlift boat lift by IMM Quality holds white and blue yacht

At first glance, different brands of boat lifts may look similar, but upon closer inspection, you will find that our boat lifts are built better than all the rest. We can stand behind our products because we employ the best engineers, designers, welders, and assemblers to ensure that we only manufacture top-of-the-line boatlifts and accessories.


Our platinum drives were engineered specifically for the marine lift environment and are the finest direct drive system on the market. Along with the battle-tested chain drive and the out-of-this-world performance of our cycloidal gearless drives, your IMM Quality Boat Lifts manufacturer offers the fastest, most powerful and most reliable line-up of drives in the industry. In addition to marine lift industry standard motor controls, we manufacture our own variable frequency controls to provide soft start and stop along with smartphone integration, another industry first for IMM Quality Boat Lifts. With American-made heavy duty electric motors and in-house fabrication of all other boatlift components, IMM Quality Boat Lifts for sale will provide long-lasting, service-free performance.


Our IMM Quality Boat Lifts manufacturing factory sources only the highest quality raw materials, such as marine-grade 6061-T6 aluminum and type 300 stainless steel. To maintain control of boatlift quality and reliability, all parts for our boatlifts are built in-house. This meticulous work takes place in our fabrication department by skilled craftsman, who use state-of-the-art CNC machines. Our welded construction technique is a far superior method for the corrosive marine environment. We have over 25,000 boatlifts in the field and some of our older models are still in operation after over 40 years! With this unheard of track record of quality and trouble-free operation, you can rest assured that IMM Quality Boatlifts are built for a lifetime.


IMM Quality Boat Lifts’ engineers have developed patented and custom designs to far exceed the performance of any other boatlift on the market. Our boatlift cradles can be custom designed to fit the boat manufacturer’s recommended bunk placement. Fully customized services are available to design perfectly sized and equipped boatlifts for any need. Our intelligent designs provide the lowest cost of ownership among any boat lift on the market, along with unsurpassed durability to give you peace of mind about costly and time-consuming repairs.

Boat Lift Warranty

IMM Quality Boat Lifts offers up to a 15-year warranty on our structures, 5-year warranty on all of our drives, and a 2-year warranty on all other components, including the sheaves and motors. For full details for all types of IMM Quality Boatlifts, please review the warranty. All IMM Quality Boatlifts for sale are protected by the most comprehensive products liability insurance available on the market.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality boat lifts that will exceed our customers’ expectation while adhering to world-class engineering standards

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