Patented Boat Lift Technologies

There are a number of patented boat lift technologies that have combined to make IMM Quality Boat Lifts the industry’s top innovation leader. First, we take feedback from our customers very seriously, because they know best what is convenient for them and what features make the best boat lift experience. Combined with over three generations of experience, we know which features and materials will make the best boat lifts. Secondly, our technical expertise is unmatched in the industry. Our IQ engineers are not just design experts, they are scientists, and as such, they are continuously testing new technologies and designs to build better products. Thirdly, in addition to greater process control and the ability to make all parts in-house, our advanced manufacturing equipment allows us to modify existing parts and build novel parts easily. Finally, our on-site product design testing facilities and rigorous scientific methods guarantee that these innovations don’t just look great on paper – they will exceed the performance expectations of our demanding engineers in the real world.

All of these factors have resulted in dozens of patents and many more innovative design features. Take a look at any design feature on any boat lift. Chances are IMM Quality Boat Lifts patented it or designed the feature and brought it to market.

Boat Lift Innovations from IMM Quality Include:

  • Step channel to eliminate shear loads on the bearing block weld
  • Roto molded covers for motor and drive
  • Custom extrusions for bearing block, pulleys and other parts to improve manufacturing tolerances
  • Cycloidal gearless drives
  • Wedge Lock
  • Maintenance free bushings, bearings and pulleys
  • Heavy duty non-marring white vinyl designed to fit perfectly into our custom bunk extrusion
  • Screw adjustable stanchions
  • Reinforced gusset plates
  • Cable keepers
  • Cable rollers
  • Grooved winders
  • Electro-plated Gatorshield tubing
  • Variable frequency programmable logic controllers with soft start and stop, self-leveling and multiple stop point settings
  • Smart phone integration into controls

While all the other boat lift manufacturers try to play catch up with our patented boat lift technologies, IMM Quality Boat Lifts continues to lead the field.