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Boat Lifts

Best Boat Lifts in The USA

Built to last a lifetime, IMM Quality Boat Lifts are superbly engineered by a highly trained, in-house team of the best and brightest minds in the industry. We use the latest 3D modeling and structural analysis software, making all parts in our fabrication factory. And, our machine work is completed on fully computerized machines, which guarantees consistent high quality. Choose from vertical lifts, elevator boat lifts, jet ski lifts or any special boat lift you may need. Browse our catalog to find the right product for your needs.

Our company has set the standard in top-quality manufacturing boat lifts. Our engineering department can make your dream come true as we have done many times before, producing the most amazing boat lifts that have been sent through the United States, to the fjords in Norway or the shores of Dubai.

Vertical Boat Lifts

The most efficient cable-drawn lift, IMM Quality vertical boat lifts were developed a couple of decades ago and have become the industry standard. The IMM Quality vertical boat lift can be recognized by its parallel upper beams that each contain a motor driven shaft through their length on which four cables are wound.

Elevator Boat Lifts

IMM Quality elevator boat lifts are ideal for restricted waterfronts where outboard pilings are not allowed, such as on narrow canals, or where the driving of pilings is difficult due to hard bottom conditions.

PWC Jetski Lifts

IMM Quality offers three choices of personal watercraft jetski lifts, which are available with mounts for seawall, dock and piling installations.

Specialty Boat Lifts

Specialty boat lifts are designed for certain applications where the standard vertical or elevator boat lift is not the most appropriate method of lift, often due to restrictions or personal preferences. IMM Quality Boat Lifts currently manufactures three types of specialty boat lifts, each one unique to a specific application.


Capacities from 4,500 to 200,000 pounds and three choices of drive systems.


Capacities from 4,500 to 30,000 pounds and three choices of drive systems. No piling needed.


Engineered to accommodate the largest yachts on the market, from your dock to the water in no-time.

Special Cases

Designed for certain applications where a vertical or elevator is not an option, or when you do not have a dock.

Boat House

We can retrofit your existing original boathouse seamlessly with our systems of custom welding and mounting.


IMM Quality Boat Lifts is the world’s leading manufacturer of boatlifts, including personal watercraft (PWC), elevator, boathouse, Alumavator, Platinum, Superlift and Titan yacht boat lifts models. Located in Southwest Florida, we design and develop our own boat lifts in-house at our manufacturing facility and ship world-wide. Let our 30+ years of boat lifting experience help you design the perfect lift for your boat, complete with an industry-leading warrantyContact us or use our dealer locator today.