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Personal Watercraft Lifts (PWC)

PWC Jetski Lifts

IMM Quality Boat Lifts manufactures the world’s best PWC jetski lifts. Available with mounts for seawall, dock and piling installations.

IMM Quality offers three models of PWC jetski lifts for sale:

The PWC 1,500 swivel lift rotates 180 degrees over your dock or seawall for storage, and is an ideal product for a single jet ski.

Our PWC 3,000 lift can handle everything from jet skis and small jet boats to small skiffs.

The 4,500 Dual PWC jetski lift is a traditional elevator lift fitted with dual bunking and guide system to mount a pair of jet skis. This PWC jetski lift for sale includes an 8-foot walk plank for easy access to either craft.

The 4,500 Dual PWC and PWC 3,000 jetski lifts are available in both vertical and incline models. These PWC jetski lifts also offer full I-beam tracks or split I-beam tracks, which is recommended in areas where higher levels of electrolysis are present. To read further about IMM Quality Boat Lifts three PWC jetski lifts, click on the labeled navigation tabs in the dropdown menus above or on the images below.

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