Simple Steps To Determine The Right Size Of Boat Lift For Your Needs

Simple Steps To Determine The Right Size Of Boat Lift For Your Needs

As a boat owner, a boat lift is an essential device for maintaining and protecting your boat. Allowing your boat to be in the water for too long will decrease the life of your watercraft, so be sure to keep it elevated. This makes the boat lift a valuable item. If you have decided to buy a boat lift, the size of the vessel should be taken into consideration. There are two main factors to keep mind: boat weight and boat width:

Boat Weight

You need to start with knowing the weight of your boat before you consider buying a boat lift. Knowing the weight capacity you need for your boat lift will help you decide which boat lift is right for you. You can find the base dry weight of your watercraft by checking the boat specification sheet. The sheet also includes useful information like water, storage, gas, batteries, water sports equipment and more. Typically, it’s recommended to add a 20% margin or size up when identifying your boat lift capacity. You might also want to compute the water weight, which can be done by multiplying the boat’s total waste and freshwater tank capacity.

Boat Width

You’ll also have to know about the beam and style of your boat. As the widest portion of your boat, the beam should be accommodated by the boat lift. Don’t forget to check the measurement of the cradle beam length as well. You don’t want your boat lift to be too small or too big. Be sure that either side has a minimum of a four-inch cushion. It’s also important that you have at least a ten-inch cushion in the event you’re going to use guideposts on the boat lift. The boat lift style will depend on the hull draft shape of your watercraft. Some common shapes are Pontoon, V-Drive, V-Hull, etc. You’ll also need to identify whether you have an outboard or inboard motor. Aside from the boat width and weight, there are other factors that you need to consider as they will also impact your buying decision. You should consider the dock shape and location. The type of water that your boat is usually exposed to should be checked. Find out if the water is deep fluctuating water or a shallow lakeshore. You’ll also need to determine the water condition where you’re going to dock your boat, especially the water level at low tide. All these factors will help you choose an appropriate boat lift type. You won’t have difficulties with choosing the right boat lift size for your watercraft if you know these factors. You can also be sure that your watercraft will be safe and secure as the boat lift has the right capacity. Looking for professional insight into the best lift to meet your needs? Contact us to let our friendly staff assist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Determine The Right Size Of Boat Lift

Measure your boat's overall length, beam, and weight to ensure the lift can accommodate its dimensions and mass.

Consider the fully loaded weight of your boat, including fuel, water, and gear, to choose a lift with adequate capacity.

The lift's width should comfortably exceed your boat's beam to facilitate easy entry and exit from the lift.

Account for local conditions like water depth, fluctuation, and seabed composition to ensure the lift's stability and functionality.

Accessories and modifications on your boat, like towers or outboard motors, might require a lift with specialized features or additional capacity.