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Your PWC Needs TLC: Why A Lift Is A Summer Must-Have

The enticing summer heat makes a personal watercraft a suitable toy to brave the wind and explore the sea. If taking a cruise down the sea and lake is one of the activities you want to be part of this summer, it is important that you keep your personal watercraft protected at all times. Your PWC is similar to your boat. It needs TLC if you want to it last for years.  It might sound easier said than done, but all you need to keep your PWC in tip-top shape is a high-quality PWC lift. If you do not have one for your PWC, here are the options you can explore:

Single Place PWC Lift

If you are searching for a lift that can withstand any water conditions, the single place PWC lift is perfect for you. If you choose the poly tank front-mount design, you will have peace of mind because this type of single place PWC lift is capable of protecting your watercraft against all sorts of water condition. If you choose the single-tank, you will be able to hold your PWC higher. This design also keeps your feet dry if you want to cover or maintain your watercraft.

Double Place PWC Lift

When you want to cruise around the sea or lake with your friends or family, you need to have more than one lift for your PWC. A Double-Place personal watercraft lift is ideal for you because it is the single tank design’s extension. Instead of buying two singles, double place PWC lift is the ideal solution. This type of PWC lift also comes with a full deck.

Sidemount PWC Lift

Another PWC lift that you can consider is the side-mount mechanical lift. This is great for homeowners who are concerned about property line issues. This PWC lift is such a space-saver. The dock footprint only measures 5 1/2 feet as compared to standard lifts which measure 11 feet. You should also take note that the weight capacity for side-mount personal watercraft lift is 920 lbs.

Why a lift is necessary for your PWC?

You will never know the importance of a lift unless you are faced with a disaster. PWC offers the following benefits:

Keeps PWC out of water

When your personal watercraft stays too long in the water, it will become prone to stain or damage. The paint and protecting coating will wear down and the damage can get worse if you let your personal watercraft sit down in the water. The lift serves as your watercraft’s protection. It allows you to store your PWC properly when not in use.

Reduces the likelihood of sinking

If your PWC sits in its slip, there is a greater chance that it will sink. Your watercraft may take on water due to a small leak. It might be too late to discover that your watercraft has already sunk below the surface of the water. Retrieving and repairing your PWC is a costly project. A lift will prevent this from happening by keeping your personal watercraft up and out of the water.

Makes your boat easy to clean and maintain

A lift allows you to access your personal watercraft so it will be easy for you to clean it. Regularly applying wax will not be a problem once you have a lift. You can even make cleaning and protecting your personal watercraft a walk in the park by adding a walkway next to your PWC lift.

Keeps debris at bay

Debris can float around the water, especially after heavy rains. With a PWC lift, you will be able to keep debris like sticks, logs, leaves, and grime away. This will only be possible if you lift your personal watercraft out of the water.


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