Buying A Boat Lift? Don’t Forget These 5 Features

Buying A Boat Lift? Don't Forget These 5 Features
If you’re a boating enthusiast, you’re aware of the importance of boat lifts in maintaining your boat in excellent condition. When buying a lift, there are certain features you need to be mindful of to ensure it will serve its best purpose. There’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter boat lift as each of them has unique features, but there are key features that you should not forget when buying your lift.

5 Key Features of a Boat Lift

1. Construction: When your boat is on the water, it will need to withstand a highly corrosive environment. Your lift keeps your boat out of the water when you’re not using it. Exposure to water can be detrimental to watercraft, but likewise, a poorly constructed boat lift will not last – leaving both investments in the drink. Choose a boat lift made from high-grade marine aluminum and steel. Check if the lift manufacturer uses welded construction techniques, which has a proven record of superior durability. Invest in a well-constructed boat lift, and you will be the happy owner of an industrial grade, heavy-duty machine, that will last a lifetime. 2. Design: A great design will result in the optimal balance between the experience when using your boat lift and its functionality and durability. When looking at different boat lift designs, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Can bunk placement be custom-designed to fit the boat manufacturers recommendations?
  • Does the lift manufacturer have experience designing lifts for your specific vessel type and size, as well as location?
3. Drives: The first part of any machine to fail, is often the moving parts. Drives are therefore a critical boat lift feature, which you should consider carefully. As the heart of your lift, you want to choose a quality drive. A trusted manufacturer should pay extra attention to this feature to ensure long-lasting reliability. Consider the following when looking at boat lift drives:
  • Was it engineered explicitly with the corrosive nature of marine environments in mind?
  • What is the track record of drives designed by this manufacturer?
  • What kind of controls are offered, and do they have added features such as smartphone integration for the most convenient experience?
4. Cost: The price tag is a factor for most. Consider the following if the cost will determine your choice when buying a boat lift. A boat lift is a long-term investment in your home. Therefore, look for one with a low cost of ownership over an extended period. Besides the upfront cost, consider factors such as the length of warranty, suggested maintenance, and a track record of keeping vessels above water. You might have some savings initially when buying the cheapest lift on the market, but when your boat lift breaks down soon after purchase, and you don’t have a good warranty, repair and replacement costs will eat those savings fast. Investing in high-quality boat lift will save you money and give you greater peace of mind. 5. Warranty: As we saw in feature number 4, the warranty can play a significant role in the cost of boat lift ownership over time. But what does a good boat lift warranty look like?
  • Up to 15 years on structures
  • Five years on drives
  • Two years on all other components including the sheaves and motors.
  • Protection of good product liability insurance
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