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Beamless Boat Lifts

Beamless Lifts

Beamless boat lifts are preferred by many homeowners, because there are no beams to avoid when boarding the boat or to obstruct the view of the waterway. IMM Quality’s beamless boatlift system has four individual powerheads to allow independent adjustment at all corners. Our beamless boat lift utilizes the Platinum drive, an aluminum double worm transmission for a maintenance-free direct drive-to-shaft connection. Furthermore, the beamless boat lifts are available with a double-speed drive, making IMM Quality’s superiority all the more pronounced.

Unlike our competitors, we do not use load-bearing, underwater cable tie-offs. This design flaw makes the competitor’s beamless boatlifts difficult to install, inspect and service. It also decreases the durability and safety of the beamless lift by unnecessarily keeping these load bearing parts under water, where they are subject to corrosion and electrolysis. IMM Quality Boat Lifts takes pride in our engineering and product design expertise, along with our unique capability to thoroughly performance-test our beamless boat lifts before they leave our factory. Take a look at our design, and see why IMM Quality Boat Lifts are built to last a lifetime.

Beamless Lift Standard Features

  • All type 6061-T6 aluminum and type 300 stainless steel construction
  • Our custom aluminum bunks, covered in white vinyl, are guaranteed not to float. They are covered by a 10-year warranty against tearing, fading, mold and corrosion.
  • Heavy-duty, rotomolded cover encloses powerheads to extend product life by protecting the mechanical and electrical components from windblown rain and salt spray
  • Only IMM Quality uses grooved aluminum cable rollers to keep the cable tight on the winder and in the grooves, which dramatically increases cable life
  • Maintenance-free aluminum pulleys with unique self-lubricating bearing
  • Maintenance-free aluminum bearing blocks with no-lube Igus bushings
  • Stainless steel aircraft grade cables
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Heavy-duty reinforced guide post base with PVC-covered guide post that are easily adjustable
  • Gem 4-motor remote control with handheld transmitter that enables in-water operation of your beamless boatlift system
  • Maintenance-free double worm direct drive


  • High-speed version is twice as fast
  • Walk boards
  • Steps
  • Stern platforms
  • Tide guides
  • Remote upgrades to allow auto-stops and lighting control
  • Solar power

Beamless Lift Specifications

Beamless Boat Lifts are available in six sizes up to 24,000 pounds.

Beamless Lift Specification Sheet PDF Download

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