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single kick cradle beam

Boat Lift Slings vs Cradle Lift

Table of Contents The Problems with Boat Slings The Advantages of Cradles Do you plan to build or install a boat lift for a waterfront home or marina? Many boat owners ask whether a boat lift sling vs cradle lift is

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boat lift with stepped top beam holds large white boat in front of waterfront home

Building Better Top Beams

At IMM Quality Boat Lifts, our skilled engineers have developed a way of building better top beams for our boat lifts. The original designs for boat lift top beams put the drive pipe and bearing blocks on top of the structure.

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Alumavator vertical boat lift allows this large blue high speed boat to easily launch from its boat slip

Cost of a Boat Lift vs Bottom Paint

Table of Contents How Much Does Bottom Paint Cost for Boats? How Much Does a Boat Lift Cost? What Should I Choose? Boat Lift vs Bottom Paint Comparison Are you wondering about the cost of a boat lift vs bottom paint?

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This Platinum elevator boat lift raises a white and blue boat from the water at a residential home

How Does an Elevator Lift Work? 

Have you ever wondered, “How does an elevator lift work?” An elevator boat lift functions much like other standard boat lift systems, in that it removes and securely stores your boat above the water. At the same time, an elevator boat

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IMM Quality Superlift boat lift with red and black nor tech 450 sport at a dock with shallow water

Our Superlift Is Built for Speed

Some people feel the need to go fast. Super fast. For boaters who are ready to take their game to a whole new level, the Superlift by IMM Quality Boat Lifts is the fastest boat lift for sale on the market.

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