Elite Cargo Lift

Elite Cargo Lifts

Are you tired of making multiple trips up and down the stairs? Let the ELITE cargo lift help you take out the trash or bring up the groceries.

The Elite cargo lift was engineered to exceed your needs.
  • 1000 lb. capacity
  • Spacious 4’ by 4’ basket
  • Lift speed is 21 feet per minute
  • Dual mast design for extra stability and safety (5” I-Beams)
  • All aluminum construction
  • Compact head assembly requires less overhead clearance, can be installed 3’ lower than competitors
  • Stainless steel motor and hardware
  • Stainless steel aircraft-grade cables
  • 5 year structural warranty, 2 year motor and gearbox warranty

Increase the value of your home and your quality of life with an Elite cargo lift!

The Elite cargo lift comes fully loaded
  • Intelligent digital control system with built-in failsafes
    • In basket control panel plus top and bottom call stations
    • Uses digital proximity switches to control auto-stops instead of mechanical rotary limits.
    • Electronic door lock prevents accidental gate opening when basket is in motion and when stopped between floors
  • Up to 3 gates and 3 programmed auto-stop positions
  • Includes two remote control key fobs
  • Industry first, passenger elevator emergency brake. Will stop fully loaded basket within 1 inch, in the event of a lift cable failure.
  • Safety pan switch stops basket upon any contact with an object.