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Father and daughter set sail in kayak on Biscayne Bay with IMM Quality Boat Lifts

Get Back to Doing What You Love Most with IMM Quality Boat Lifts

For most boat owners, it’s the appeal of the open water that led them to buy a boat in the first place. Of course, you will want to maximize the time you can spend on the water, doing what you love most. One of the easiest ways to preserve your time – and improve the longevity of your boat – is by installing a boat lift, like the ones manufactured by IMM Quality Boat Lifts. 

Take, for example, kayaking enthusiast and nature lover, Jonathan. For many years, Jonathan took any opportunity he can find to explore the open waterways of beautiful Southwest Florida in his kayak. He especially appreciated the physical activity and stress relieving effects of the sport. 

2 jet skis on Biscayne Bay, Florida

Then, another wonderful love entered his life: his daughter, Mia. Jonathan describes the birth of Mia as one of the most wonderful and unforgettable moments of his life. Shortly after this welcome addition, he bought and moved into a large waterfront home to accommodate his growing family. 

Unfortunately, the steep height of the new property’s seawall made it incredibly difficult and time-consuming to launch a kayak into the water. As a result, Jonathan couldn’t head out on the water and found himself unable to kayak for more than a year.  

Empty kayak lift by IMM Quality Boat Lifts in front of large waterfront home with seawall installation

Lucky for Jonathan, a group of friends made him aware of IMM Quality Boat Lifts. This family owned and operated company brings more than three decades of experience in fabricating and engineering all types of boat lifts. Its durable and dependable boat lift products include kayak liftsfloating docks and gangwaysvertical boat liftsTitan yacht liftselevator boat liftsboat house liftsjet ski lifts, and more. And, IMM Quality Boat Lifts uses only the highest-quality materials and industry techniques to produce the world’s best boat lifts. Every boat lift for sale by IMM Quality is built to last for a lifetime.  

Once Jonathan discovered IMM Quality’s kayak boat lift, he carefully researched and compared it to other boatlifts, quickly concluding that IMM Quality Boat Lifts outclassed the competition. Jonathan could tell that IMM Quality’s kayak lift was exactly what he wanted: a well-made product that is safe and easy to use. With attentive customer service from IMM Quality Boat Lifts, boat lift installation took place quickly and smoothly.  

IMM Quality Boat Lifts employee completes seawall installation to add a kayak lift to this waterfront home

Kayak lift with seawall installation by IMM Quality Boat Lifts for waterfront home on Biscayne Bay

Today, Jonathan can easily get out on the water on a whim, which he reported as both freeing and amazing. In fact, he often takes Mia – now two years old – with him on kayak excursions.  

Jonathan is quick to express his gratitude to IMM Quality Boat Lifts for the extra time with his family and the ability to make memories for a lifetime. As a father, sharing his love of nature, water and adventure with his children feels meaningful and special. And, as they say, the best gift that fathers can give their children is their time. 

Father and daughter set sail in kayak on Biscayne Bay with IMM Quality Boat Lifts

Let IMM Quality Boat Lifts help you continue to do what you love most, too. Our expertly engineered boat lifts will help you save time, money and energy along the way. Explore the many types of PWC lifts to choose from, and remember: Each IMM Quality boat lift comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Aerial view of three waterfront homes on Biscayne Bay

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