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Meet Our Boat Lifts Team

Whatever your boat lift needs may be, Imm Quality Boat Lift’s experienced staff will be happy to help you along every step of the way. From manufacturing, service, installation and marina consultation we have over thirty years in business doing it all. The high quality of our boat lifts and products comes from our people — from the IQ engineers who develop the patented and custom designs to the skilled machinists and fabricators to our customer support staff. Our pride and dedication shows in everyproduct that leaves our factory. Built for a lifetime.

If you have any need to contact us, simply call us at 1-800-545-5603 or e-mail any of the representatives or management members listed below.

At Imm Quality Boat Lifts, customer service is a top priority. We look forward to serving your needs.

Executive Team
Mike Nanda, President
Ext. 102 or

Engineering Team / Technical Support
Shawn McLaughlin, Chief Engineer
Ext. 106 or

Lift Sales and Parts Orders
Dan Delorenzo, Director of Sales
Ext. 103 or

Customer Care
Ext. 101 or


Accounts Receivable
Nicole Delorenzo, Specialist
Ext. 104 or

Accounts Payable
Alicia Wernick, Specialist
Ext. 105 or 

Shawn Miller, Specialist
Ext. 107 or