Is it possible to use a boat lift with a yacht?

Navy boat is lowered into the water by IMM Quality Titan yacht lift boat lift

Simply put… YES!

A yacht conveys a particular image to most people—often an expensive vessel with lots of space and high class. It is understandable then, that yacht ownership can become a matter of pride for a boat owner. Since they are so large and heavy, many owners falsely believe that it is not possible to safely use a boat lift with a yacht. We are here to tell you that you do not need to give up the convenience, protection, value and safety a boat lift provides now that you have finally upgraded to a yacht. IMM Quality Boat Lifts has been customizing and creating boat lifts for larger vessels for decades.

The IMM Quality Titan Yacht Lift comes in standard models from 75,000 pounds up to 250,000 pounds (Need something bigger? Contact our engineers). Each Titan Yacht Lift is custom designed by our engineers in consultation with the yacht manufacturer. Our engineers collect careful measurements of the yacht dimensions, the weight distribution, the water depth, tidal range and other conditions at the slip where the lift will be installed. Every detail is used to make the perfect fit and proper hull support for your dream yacht. When you take a look at all the features that are incorporated into the Titan Yacht Lift, it is no surprise that the Titan is known as the ultimate boat lift on the market.

Titan Boat Lift For Yacht

One of our contractors in the Florida Keys, Marathon Seawalls and Docks, had a client that wanted something special for their 48-foot Viking Yacht. Naturally, we suggested the 100K Titan Yacht lift for them. The customer was very concerned about protecting their yacht from storm surge. Therefore, the contractor installed 40 foot Malaysian spun 14 inch diameter concrete piles so that the Titan powerheads would be installed 12 feet above the dock. This configuration will allow the cradles to be raised above the height of typical storm surge.

Titan Power Heads On Yacht Boat Lift

The Titan powerheads are completely enclosed to protect the components from wind, rain, and salt spray. The Titan powerheads are the most powerful and efficient drives in the industry, thereby maximizing output torque and lift speeds. To create the perfect look at the dock, the customer wanted the powerheads and cradles to match the color scheme of the boat. We are able to color match to any color that the customer desires. The customer provided a sample of “ethereal blue” to us and we had the powerheads and cradles professionally powder coated to match their Viking yacht. The two-toned color scheme (ethereal blue / white) was very striking.

Custom Made Yacht Bunk System

Custom design services are included with the purchase of a Titan Yacht Lift.  Viking Yacht Company provided us with the hull design so that our engineers could custom design the bunk system.  We utilized a keel beam and stanchion pad design to properly lift this yacht.  The engineered schematic for a bunk system designed to properly lift the 48’ Viking Yacht is shown below. 

Plans For Custom Bunk System On Viking Yacht Boat Lift

4 By 4 Suction Pads Hold Yacht


Most of the weight is carried in the stern of the 48’ Viking yacht.  Heavy duty 4’ by 4’ stanchions pads were designed to carry this weight.  We chose linked column design to evenly distribute the weight across the pad and to provide a unique look that matched the piles.

Control System Of Titan Yacht Lift

The brains behind the system are the custom controls that are made in-house. The large gray box contains the major components of the control system. Variable frequency drives are at the heart of the system along with the programmable logic module. These provide both a soft start and stop to lessen the shock loading. This is accomplished by altering the frequency to the motors which will change the speed at which the motors turn. The system is “load-sensing”, which allows the lift to run faster than normal with a partial load. The drives can provide dynamic braking by injecting DC current into the motors. The dynamic braking is strong enough to stop and hold the lift in place without the assistance of the powerful brakes. By using dynamic braking in conjunction with the powerful motor brakes, the controls improve load management and increase the life of the lift components. Each powerhead operates independently and has its’ own limit switch. This allows the lift to stop automatically at the “up” and “down” positions and make the cradles self-leveling.

Even with all of this technology, the lift controls are exceptionally easy to use. In the picture above, the lower box houses the controls the homeowner interacts with. Simple “up”, “down” and “stop” control switches. The Titan Yacht Lift comes with “key fob” style remote controls with buttons for the same three functions. The controls have built-in overload protection, surge protection, and safety logic that automatically senses a problem and stops the lift. If you are worried about someone operating the lift while you are away, there is a keyed shut-off switch or you can close the control box door and secure it with a padlock. With all of the safety features built into these simple, straightforward controls, the homeowner can rest assured that the Titan Yacht Lift has their vessel safe and secure.

Boat Lift Build For A Yacht That Will Last A Life Time

With all the yachts as unique as their owners, the IMM Quality Boat Lifts Titan Yacht Lift is the only choice to meet your custom needs. For the customer with exacting standards and when only the absolute best will do. Take a look at our design and see why IQ boat lifts are Built for a Lifetime.

Completed Titan Yacht Boat Lift