Adding Value to Your Property

Adding Value To Your Property with this dual kayak lift

The home improvement craze that has swept the nation has shown many people how to increase the value of their property through simple projects. An increased sales price is not the only way a home improvement can add value to your property. Certain improvements allow new leisure activities that make life more fun.

A client of ours uses Airbnb and Vrbo to rent his waterfront property as a vacation home. He provides the use of a kayak and paddleboard to his renters as an added benefit for his property. His customers used to have to drag the bottom of the kayak and paddleboard against the seawall edge, scratching and damaging them. There was also the issue of safely getting into the kayak, or onto the paddleboard, from the top of the seawall. Our client wanted a safe and easy way for his vacationists to launch the kayak and paddleboard from the corner of his seawall. We suggested our dual kayak lift.

Safe Vacation Rental

After approving the layout, we arranged the installation with a local contractor.

Installation With Local Contractor

Just finishing anchoring the dual kayak lift to the sea wall.

Anchoring The Dual Kayak Lift To Sea Wall

The engineer who designed the lift went to inspect the installation and got a photo with his creation. Our clients looked at the other options on the market and chose the IMM Quality Kayak Lift because they were amazed by its stability and rigidity. The competitor’s lifts all were rickety, uncomfortable and unsafe. They were also impressed with how simple the lift was to operate.

We have always taken pride in using the highest quality materials with the best engineered designs. In addition to our unmatched build quality, the ergonomics of our lifts are second to none. Other kayak launches use vertical ladders installed against the seawall with a small platform or no platform at all. This makes the ladder difficult to get on from the seawall, it is uncomfortable, and increases the likelihood of falling off backwards from the ladder. Our kayak lift has the ladder installed perpendicular to the seawall, the ladder is angled for easy climbing and it terminates at a large and stable platform. Along with the large grab rails, these features make the IMM Quality Kayak Lift extremely easy and safe to use.

Extremely Easy And Safe To Use Double Kayak Lift

An Install Photo.

Installation Photo
Another Install Photo.
A Nice Property With Dual Kayak Lift
What A Nice Property!
Wow. What A Nice Lift

Improving Safety And Ease With An Imm Quality Dual Kayak Lift

It is easy to see how installing an IMM Quality Dual Kayak Lift added a lot of value to their property. Improving the safety and comfort of their guest’s experience must be priceless. Great work!