The High-Speed Alumavator Boat Lift

high speed alumavator vertical boat lift by imm quality boat lifts

More than 40 years ago, IMM Quality Boat Lifts designed the Alumavator drive system to replace the venerable flat plate drive. Why? The flat plate drive is known to be noisy, extremely slow, and prone to belt slippage. This prevents the boat lift from picking up the boat. 

Recognizing the flat plate drive’s major flaws, IMM Quality incorporated improvements into the Alumavator drive system. As a result, the flat plate’s pulley and rubber belt system were replaced with sprockets and chains for the superior Alumavator. Also, the open worm drive of the flat plate was replaced with a sealed gearbox in the Alumavator. The result is an expertly engineered boat lift that is substantially faster, quieter, and does not slip. 

Over the years, we have updated this boat lift product line to include the best of our patented innovations. These include the stepped top beam channel for superior structural support, maintenance-free bearings that require no lubrication, wedge locks for easy cradle adjustment and the integrated cable keeper system. The Alumavator has earned a reputation for legendary durability and represents the best combination of price to performance on the market. 

Although the lift speed of the Alumavator exceeds its competition, there is always a demand for even greater speed. This is especially true today, with more people buying larger boats that require higher capacity boat lifts. Fortunately, the Alumavator is available in a high-speed version that doubles the boat lift speed without sacrificing any of the reliability. In fact, the High Speed Alumavator is available in models up to 54,000-pound capacity. 

Please continue reading after the video to see the included features that make the High Speed Alumavator the most economical high-speed boat lift on the market.
In addition to its standard features, the High Speed Alumavator also comes with a remote-control unit. It has limit switches to automatically stop the boat lift at pre-set upper and lower limits, as seen in the photo below. The remote-control unit has independent motor control, so that a single motor can run while the others do not operate. This feature makes it easy to level the lift cradles.  

The High Speed Alumavator also uses fail-safe electric motor brakes to make sure that the lift is always safely under control. These types of brakes require power to release. Consequently, if there is an accidental loss of electrical power, the brakes will remain engaged and prevent any lift movement. 

high speed alumavator gem remote control

The bunking system of the High Speed Alumavator is custom designed to suit the needs of the intended boat. Keel beam spreaders and stanchion pad supports are typically used in the larger lifts like the 40,000-pound capacity model pictured below. In fact, we included a step in the keel beam spreader to better support the intended boat. The angle of the stanchion pad brackets, as well as the height of the stanchion pads, can all be adjusted. 

keel beam spreaders and stanchion pad supports for high speed alumavator boat lift

The eight-post High Speed Alumavators weld end plates onto the double I-beam cradles for extra rigidity, seen below. The end plates incorporate high-capacity pulleys to extend the life of the lift. Coupled with the keel spreader, the cradle system provides robust support for any boat. 

welded end plates on eight post high speed alumavator

There are also high-capacity pulleys in the top beams. The number of pulleys in the cradles and top beams depends on the capacity of the lift. However, the pulley arrangement on every High Speed Alumavator ensures equal weight distribution in all parts. This is not the case with many of our competitors! This deficiency shortens the life of their lift cables. All our pulleys use maintenance-free bushings that require no lubrication. Meanwhile, our competitors’ products require frequent lubrication of their pulleys with grease – adding maintenance to your R&R time. 

high capacity pulleys in the top beams of high speed alumavator boat lift

So, if you are in the market for a high-speed lift, you should definitely consider the High Speed Alumavator. You can check the lift out on our Alumavator product pages for vertical lifts and elevator boat lifts, or feel free to contact our sales staff to discuss your options at 1-800-545-5603. 

high speed alumavator boat lift by imm quality boat lifts

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