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Introducing the Ascension Stair Lift

IMM Quality Boat Lift’s revolutionary new Ascension Stair Lift is the latest example of our innovation and engineering excellence. The Ascension Stair Lift features self-leveling steps, so you can stand on a completely flat tread no matter the height at which the lift platform is raised. The Ascension Stair Lift offers convenient water access for a variety of purposes because the stairs are capable of going both up and down.
In its simplest form, the Ascension Stair Lift consists of an adjustable stairway and a platform. The Ascension can be built with platforms at both ends and with ADA compliant handrails on both sides of the stairs. The Ascension provides a convenient way to board and disembark from a docked boat. Even with the tide changing the boat’s boarding height, the Ascension’s adjustable stairs can accommodate the tidal fluctuation.
The Ascension can easily be used as a swim platform. You can decide whether the lower platform is above or below the waterline. Keep it above the waterline to keep your towels nice and dry. Or have the platform below the waterline so that your pets can get into and out of the water by themselves. Maybe you like to scuba dive from your dock and having a stairway with a platform below the waterline will be much easier to get into and out of the water than climbing a ladder.
Pet Owners Use the Ascension Stair Lift For Playtime Jumping into the water with IQ Boat Lift's Ascension Stair Lift We imagine most people will want to use the Ascension Stair Lift with their favorite small watercraft. Our engineers can custom design cradles and bunks to fit most small watercraft for use with the Ascension. If you have a jet ski, Craigcat, kayak, paddle board or other PWC up to 1,500 pounds, the Ascension is a good choice for easy water access from a dock or seawall. craigcat at the bottom of the ascension stair lift by IQ Boat Lifts jet ski ascension with parent and child Man in a kayak at the bottom of the ascension stair lift There are so many different water activities that people enjoy. The Ascension Stair Lift provides safe, reliable, and convenient access to the water from your dock or seawall. You will be surprised by how much the Ascension Stair Lift enhances your experience and improves your enjoyment of your water activities. Please visit the Ascension product page to learn more about this groundbreaking new product from IMM Quality Boat Lifts. ascension stair lift with platform
ascension stair lift with vessel arriving
ascension stair lift in use


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