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ascension boat lift by iq boat lifts

Introducing the Ascension Stair Lift

IMM Quality Boat Lift’s revolutionary new Ascension Stair Lift is the latest example of our innovation and engineering excellence. The Ascension Stair Lift features self-leveling steps, so you can stand on a completely flat tread no matter the height at which

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Fishin with a mission sponsored by IMM Quality boat lifts

Fishin’ With A Mission

IMM Quality Boat Lifts was a proud sponsor of the Fishin’ With a Mission event this year at the South Seas Resort on Captiva. We all had a blast in the sunshine and caught some amazing fish! The weather was beautiful

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Custom Retractable Bridge on the Florida Keys

Excited to share this new project, a Retractable bridge custom built on the Upper Keys in Florida by our engineering department at IMM Quality Boat Lifts. (Vlotbrug bridge) This Bridge joins two separate islands and by regulation there was not an

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6 Benefits Of Owning A Boat

6 Benefits of Owning a Boat

Owning a boat can open up new opportunities that are simply not possible for people who are stuck on dry land. With so many types and sizes to choose from, it doesn’t matter whether your objective is to fish local waters

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Sailboat Custom Boat Lift Bunk

Custom Bunks for Your Boat Lift

There are so many different sizes and shapes of boats on the market today. Have you ever wondered if there is something better for your boat than one size fits all standard bunking?

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4 Things to Look for When Buying a Used Boat

Are you thinking about becoming a boat owner? Good for you! Boating is great for your health. It can help decrease stress and get you some healthy Vitamin D, too. However, if you’re considering purchasing a used boat, you’ll need to do

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Your Expert Guide to Jet Ski Lifts

That time you’ve dreamed about for years has finally come: you’ve bought yourself a jet ski, and you couldn’t be happier. Sunny days on the water are right around the corner, and you can’t wait to hit the waves on your new

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5 Things You Need On Small Fishing Boats

As the Summer months approach, many people will be preparing to spend time on the water. Small fishing boats are a popular way to enjoy your local lake or favorite waterway. But is your boat equipped with everything you’ll need for

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What to Consider When Buying a Boat

You’ve decided it’s time. Time to live out your dreams. Time to sail the open seas. Time to buy a boat. If you’ve decided to buy a boat, you’re in good company. In 2016, there were 3.65 billion dollars of recreational boat sales.

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5 Important Tips for Winterizing Your Boat

For boat owners who live in colder climates, winterizing is an important part of boat ownership. Winterizing your boat is a simple but critical process. Not only will you prevent expensive repairs, but you’ll save money, time and effort when spring

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Top Consumer Rated Pontoon Boats For Sale

Top Consumer Rated Pontoon Boats For Sale

Have you ever dreamed of owning a boat? You’re not alone. Recreational boating is one of the most popular leisure activities in the U.S. In fact, over 87 million U.S. adults participate in recreational boating every year. If you’re looking to set sail

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