4 Tips for Choosing the Right Boat Shoes

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You’re standing in front of your closet, getting ready for a great day on the water. You’ve got your hat and sunglasses prepared to go. Your boat shoes are situated at the front of the closet because you wear them so often.

They’re stylish, comfortable, and made for your favorite hobby. Since they get so much love, you’re probably ready for a new pair.

Read on to learn how to ensure you don’t go wrong with your next purchase.

Find the Herringbone Sole

Little known fact: Sperry shoes were born after Paul Sperry almost lost his life at sea due to poor footing on the boat. After the harrowing incident, Sperry realized the bar needed to be raised for practical and safe boat shoes. Like all great inventors, he set out to solve a problem.

One day, Sperry watched his dog run effortlessly over an icy lake on a cold Connecticut day. A light bulb appeared over his head: the answer to his problem was right in front of him, even slept beside him at night.

Enter: the Herringbone sole. Crafted after grippy dog paws, the Herringbone sole is a standard for safety today.

Make sure you find a pair with the Herringbone sole. It’s the most tried and true, safest sole for your boating days. And safety is the most important consideration here.

Find Sturdy Construction

Like any clothing, outerwear or accessories, shoddy construction equals a short lifespan and ineffective practicality.

That’s the opposite of what you need on the water.

Consider your shoes as an investment. If you pop into the nearest mall and grab a pair for $20 at the first store you see, it’s likely they’re not made to last.

Find a quality pair of boat shoes that are both waterproof and stain proof. Make sure you’re buying a pair made of decent, durable leather. Check the thickness of the soles.

You’ll thank yourself later when your feet stay warm and dry during every outing.

Find the Right Style

Boat shoes, as we know them today, were invented in the 1930’s. That makes them as classic as ever. And like the best fashion, the classics are where the true, effortlessly styles reside.

That being said, stick with the classic rich, neutral colored leather, rugged laces, and traditional construction: that’s the boat shoe in all its glory.

Gear up for Longevity

Taking proper care of your shoes is essential for them to last a long time. Read up on how to remove salt stains from the leather.

Get yourself a rain & stain repellant and apply to your shoes to protect them from wear.

If your laces break, or you want to restyle your shoes, you can buy a lace kit, which includes new laces and a needle for threading your shoes.

Your shoes are an investment. Treating them like one will make you happy you made it!

Boat Shoes: The Quintessential Must Have

Boat shoes are a must-have for any sailor, beginner or captain.

Before long, if you haven’t already, you’ll be buying your own boat. Then, you’ll need a boat lift for safe keeping.

In addition to a large variety of boat lifts, we also offer custom lift servicesGet in touch to discuss your boat lift needs so you can put those expertly chosen shoes to work!