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IMM Quality Boat Lifts has over 40 years and three generations of engineering excellence. Our company makes use of our expertise to custom design boat lift solutions that meet specific requests from our customers. If you have been working with another boat lift company and you have gotten the feeling that they want to sell you a “one size fits all” solution, please give us a ring and talk to our engineering design team. Our design services are included in the pricing and we will make sure that you get a custom lift design that is exactly the way you want it. Best of all, with an IMM Quality boat lift, you can rest assured that you are getting the best-engineered boat lift on the market.

A customer of ours from Bennington, Nebraska was building a really cool dock for his property. This dock was being constructed of reinforced concrete and steel I-beams. The customer sent us the design of his dock.

Beamless Drawing

His dock was designed to have two slips, one for a Sea-Doo 230 SP Jet boat and the other for two Sea-Doo Sparks. The design of the dock did not have any pilings available to mount the boat lifts. The customer wanted the lifts to be bolted to a post that was welded to the dock framework. When we received the customer’s plans, the dock construction was already underway.

Beamless Welding Framework

After consultation with our engineers, a plan was agreed upon.  The customer did not want top beams mounted above the deck height, so our beamless boat lifts were selected for this project.  Our Beamless lifts have powerheads at all four corners whereas the industry standard is just two powerheads.  Not only does this provide extra power and speed, by using four powerheads our Beamless lifts do not require any components to be installed below the waterline.  These benefits greatly increase the durability of our Beamless lifts.  Our engineers then sent the homeowner a slip layout showing how our Beamless lifts and his watercraft would fit in the dock.

Drawn Up Plans Of Beamless Boat Lift

There are some additional neat features that this project incorporated.  We designed the PWC bunks so that one set was four inches higher than the other.  This height difference is useful when you only want to use one of the jet skis.  You can float off one jet ski while the other remains securely on its bunks.  The Beamless boat lifts also use the GEM GR4A controls.  In the automatic mode, all four powerheads operate until the built-in limit switch is engaged.  However, these controls also allow you to independently use only a single powerhead.  This way you can tip your watercraft on the lift to assist with drainage or for any other reason.

Beamless Boat Lift With Personal Water Craft

Here the customer is practicing using only a single powerhead at a time with the GR4A.

We all know how much fun it is to go boating.  And it is great to dream big.  If you need a boat lift at your dream house, IMM Quality Boat Lifts custom design service is here to make your dreams a reality.  Happy Boating!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about IMM Quality Boat Lifts and Beamless Boat Lifts:

IMM Quality Boat Lifts boasts over 40 years and three generations of engineering excellence. We specialize in custom designing boat lift solutions tailored to our customers' specific requests, ensuring they receive a personalized solution rather than a generic "one size fits all" product.

Yes, our design services are included in the pricing. Customers can work directly with our engineering design team to create a custom lift design that meets their exact requirements and preferences.

Absolutely. We excel in designing solutions for unique dock configurations. For example, we have successfully accommodated customers with dock designs featuring no pilings by utilizing alternative mounting solutions, such as bolting lifts to posts welded to the dock framework.

Beamless Boat Lifts are a specialty product offered by IMM Quality Boat Lifts. These lifts feature powerheads at all four corners, providing extra power and speed compared to industry-standard lifts with only two powerheads. Additionally, Beamless lifts do not require any components to be installed below the waterline, enhancing their durability and longevity.

Yes, Beamless Boat Lifts can be customized to accommodate various types of watercraft, including jet boats, jet skis, and other personal watercraft (PWC). Our engineers can tailor the lift configuration to fit the specific dimensions and requirements of each watercraft.

Beamless Boat Lifts offer several innovative features, including adjustable PWC bunks with different heights to accommodate multiple watercraft securely. The lifts also feature GEM GR4A controls, allowing for automatic operation with all four powerheads or independent operation of individual powerheads for specific tasks, such as drainage or maintenance.

  1. Simply reach out to IMM Quality Boat Lifts to discuss your needs and preferences with our expert engineering team. We'll work closely with you to create a custom lift design that aligns with your vision and ensures optimal performance and functionality for your watercraft.



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