Solar powered kayak lift

Four Reasons to Consider a Solar-Powered Kayak Lift

More kayakers are upgrading their experience on the water with a solar-powered kayak lift. And who could blame them?

Traditional kayak lifts feature a manual hand crank to lower and raise a kayak. Although they are relatively easy to operate, turning the hand crank can be tiring and time-consuming. Kayakers would rather spend their energy and time paddling in the water and enjoying nature.

Solar-powered kayak lifts are becoming more popular as kayakers recognize the benefits of upgrading their lifts. An electric winch powered by the sun is both efficient and safe.

IMM Quality Boat Lifts is known for designing, engineering, and manufacturing lifts that accommodate vessels of all sizes, including the largest yachts on the market. However, the company also offers a line of personal watercraft lifts as well as kayak launch lifts.

Components of a solar-powered kayak lift

Standard components of a kayak lift include a ladder, Pyle mounting bracket, kayak bunks, ADA-compliant handrails, paddle hooks, and a manual crank system. Lifts feature high-grade aluminum and stainless steel hardware. Superior welded construction makes lifts durable in all weather conditions.

A solar-powered kayak lift also includes these elements: A solar-powered kayak lift also includes these elements:

  • Solar panel:

Features the latest technology with a panel angled to capture the strongest solar rays.

  • Marine-grade battery:

Includes a waterproof dock box and all the necessary wiring.

  • Charge controller:

Increases battery life by optimizing the charge rate with pulse width modulation. The controller prevents overcharging of the battery. It also will not allow the solar panel to drain the battery in low light conditions because it features a unidirectional energy flow.

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Reasons to consider a solar-powered kayak lift

As noted above, kayakers who launch from their own dock or seawall are gravitating toward solar-powered kayak lifts. There are many reasons kayakers are considering solar power upgrades:

    1. Time and energy:

      A solar-powered kayak lift saves kayakers a lot of work. Why turn a hand crank repeatedly when an electric motor can do all of the work? Depending on the depth of a lift, it can take 30, 40 or more revolutions to reach the desired point.

    2. Convenience:

      Rather than standing at the hand crank for a few minutes, kayakers simply press a button on a key fob to operate a solar-powered kayak lift. Additionally, kayakers who leave at high tide and return at low tide often struggle with fluctuations in water depth. Rather than phoning a friend to hand-crank the lift to a lower position, simply press a button on the key fob until the kayak is able to float over the bunks.

    3. Environment:

      Going green is a popular trend. The solar panel on a kayak lift provides clean, renewable energy and helps protect the environment. The lift’s marine-grade battery stores electricity for future use. Solar energy is unlimited, so as long as solar panels are positioned properly, there will be enough power to raise and lower the lift. And best of all – solar energy is free!

    4. Storage:

      Boat manufacturers generally do not recommend storing vessels in the water. That’s because long-term exposure to salt water or fresh water can damage boats. Corrosion, undergrowth, osmotic blisters, and discoloration are common problems with boats stored in water. The same holds true for kayaks, canoes, and personal watercraft. A lift keeps vessels high and dry.

Similarly, there are many reasons why kayakers are choosing IMM Quality Boat Lifts to design, engineer, and manufacture their kayak lifts. In fact, they are the same reasons boaters cite when selecting IMM to design or upgrade their boat lift: multi-generational experience, remarkable innovation, supreme durability, extended warranties, exceptional customer service, and more.

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