side view of IMM Quality alumavator elevator boat lift installed by van driel waterwerken

International Contractor Spotlight: Van Driel Waterwerken

We would like to thank Van Driel Waterwerken for sharing two of their recent projects with IMM Quality Boat Lifts. Founded in 2011 and located in the West-Friesland region near Hoorn, Netherlands, this company excels at all aspects of marine construction including seawalls, retaining walls, fixed and floating docks, footbridges, swimming docks, floating terraces, boathouses and boat lifts. IMM Quality Boat Lifts is grateful for international partners like Van Driel Waterwerken, because we ship our products all over the world from the port of Miami. Whether you need a single lift or entire shipping containers, IMM Quality Boat Lifts can meet your needs from our in-house engineering and manufacturing facilities in Fort Myers, Florida.

Project #1: Alumavator Elevator Boat Lift

Worker at Van Driel Waterwerken unloads IMM Quality Boat Lifts shipment to the Netherlands
Unloading an IMM Quality Alumavator elevator boat lift at the Van Driel Waterwerken facility in the Netherlands.

In the first project, Van Driel Waterwerken installed an Alumavator elevator boat lift on the bank of a beautiful river. Elevator lifts differ from traditional boat lifts in that their carriage rides up and down I-Beam rails like a train rides the tracks. Elevator lifts are best suited to waterfronts where outboard pilings are not practical, like on narrow canals or rivers, where permitting does not allow outboard pilings, or where the driving of pilings is difficult due to hard bottom conditions. IMM Quality’s Alumavator elevator boat lift can be mounted on seawalls, docks or pilings. The I-Beam rails can be installed vertically or at an angle.

The IMM Quality Alumavator elevator boat lift is gusseted using one-inch-thick billet aluminum plates, which have CNC-machined channels cut into them. These channels accept the flanges of the “L shaped” carriage arms.

No other manufacturer has the capability to make this feature. Not only does this guarantee the correct geometry of the carriage arms in all three dimensions, but this feature also provides mechanical support to this critical joint, making our carriages the strongest in the industry. With IMM Quality Boat Lift’s superior manufacturing capabilities, there is no need to worry about over-stressed welds, broken bolts or out-of-alignment elevator arms.

back view of IMM Quality alumavator elevator boat lift installed by van driel waterwerken

The Alumavator elevator boat lift features our chain drive system. The chain drive’s shock load ruggedness, efficiency, safety and battle-tested dependability make it simply the best and most economical choice of drive system for a boat lift. The Alumavator power head uses roller cable keepers to prevent snarl and overlap. And, if you want to go fast, the Alumavator is available in a high-speed version that is twice as fast.

Project #2: Platinum Vertical Boat Lift

White boat sits on IMM Quality platinum vertical boat lift installed within boathouse by Van Driel Waterwerken

In the second project, Van Driel Waterwerken installed a traditional vertical boat lift onto concrete piles inside a boathouse. This boat lift featured our Platinum configuration, which includes upgraded aluminum bunks with UV-resistant white vinyl caps, a remote control box with handheld transmitter and a sealed maintenance-free double reduction worm gear drive system.

Side view of IMM Quality platinum vertical boat lift installed within boathouse by Van Driel Waterwerken

Both the Alumavator and Platinum configurations use our tribopolymer bearings on the drive shafts, roller brackets, wheels and pulleys. These maintenance-free bearings are self-lubricating and corrosion free, reducing service costs while providing the industry’s best durability.

Front view of IMM Quality platinum vertical boat lift installed within boathouse by Van Driel Waterwerken

With all of its patented upgrades, IMM Quality’s Platinum-configured boat lifts provide a truly maintenance and worry-free boating experience!

Like what you see? Contact Van Driel Waterwerken at:

Lange Weide 55
1631 DM  Oudendijk NH
The Netherlands
Tel. + 31 (0)6 15036407

If you would like one of our boat lifts installed in your area, please contact the IMM Quality Boat Lifts sales team. We will be happy to provide you with the name and contact information of a local marine contractor. Or, request a quote and we’ll give you a call!

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