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Selling boat lifts globally, supporting charitable causes locally

IMM Quality Boat Lifts is one of the largest boat lift manufacturers in the world. Although it engineers, produces and delivers boat lifts globally, the company has long supported charitable causes locally.

IMM Quality Boat Lifts is a local, family-owned company. It is like the many mom-and-pop businesses that enhance Southwest Florida’s economy and quality of life. IMM Quality Boat Lifts just happens to sell its product to a global audience from its headquarters off Alico Road in south Lee County.

You can find IMM-designed boat lifts in Cape Coral, Florida, and Cape Cod, Massachusetts, as well as Naples, Florida, and Naples, Italy. Boaters across six continents are using lifts made by IMM Quality Boat Lifts.

As a global manufacturer, it can be easy to focus on the big picture. For IMM Quality Boat Lifts, that is strengthening worldwide business operations and increasing sales in coastal markets.

However, the 39-year-old company made a commitment many years ago to support the local community. After all, its 75 employees live here. They shop here. Their children go to school here. They spend time at local parks, libraries, restaurants and attractions.

The company’s heart is in Southwest Florida.

Fishin’ with a Mission

Recently, IMM Quality Boat Lifts sponsored Fishin’ with a Mission. The fishing tournament supports students and teachers at St. Michael Lutheran School in Fort Myers. Held at South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island, the event attracted dozens of professional and amateur anglers. Participants enjoyed beautiful weather while trying to catch the longest redfish, snook and trout swimming in our coastal waterways. Participants enjoyed food and drinks, games, a raffle, auction and awards dinner.

More than a dozen sponsors helped make this event successful, including several with connections to the boating and fishing industry. However, others represented real estate, health care, construction, law and other fields. Most sponsors operate solely within Southwest Florida, while others have a regional or national presence.

Those who entered the fishing tournament also represented a wide range of anglers. Some knew exactly where to fish and what type of bait would catch the biggest fish. Meanwhile, others were happy to just get a bite and make it safely back to shore.

The fishing tournament was a microcosm of what we all want for society – people from all interests and walks of life coming together to support a charitable cause. Generous sponsors and participants helped raise money to enhance education for school children in Southwest Florida.

Strong businesses invest in their people, products and processes, but they also invest in their community.

IN THE NEWS: This article appeared in The News-Press Causes section on June 14, 2021

FROM THE ARCHIVE: See photos from Fishin’ with a Mission 2020


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