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5 Things You Need On Small Fishing Boats

As the Summer months approach, many people will be preparing to spend time on the water. Small fishing boats are a popular way to enjoy your local lake or favorite waterway. But is your boat equipped with everything you’ll need for a safe and enjoyable outing?

You’ve spent hours getting your gear ready: fishing rods, tackle box, and even the standard equipment like life preservers, fuel for the motor, flashlights, etc., but is that everything you need?

Here is a list of a few items you might want to consider adding to your boat.

5 Things You Need On Small Fishing Boats

Do you have everything you need for your boat to handle an emergency? Check out these five things you need on small fishing boats to make sure you’re prepared.

1. An Extra Life Preserver

Stowing an extra life preserver on small fishing boats is always a smart idea. One reason is that things like life preservers can easily get misplaced or lost, and it’s vital that every person aboard the boat has a life preserver.

Also, you never know when an extra person might come aboard unexpectedly for a day, like a friend or someone you meet along the way, and you will need to have a life preserver for them so that everyone on the board is safe.

2. A Small Anchor

Having a small anchor really comes in handy, especially on a windy day. When you’ve found a nice spot on the water where you’d like to fish or swim, dropping anchor prevents the boat from drifting.

It’s also a helpful item for when you have motor problems because the anchor prevents you from behind pulled by the current or pushed around by the wind while you work on getting the motor running again.

This is a great way to keep from winding up in the middle of the lake or drifting into the weeds.

3. A Multi-Tool

A Leatherman multi-tool is like having an entire toolbox in your pocket. These little gadgets can do most anything, from cutting line or wire, to turning screws or bending a hook. We highly recommend keeping a multi-tool handy for any small emergency or repair that might come up.

4. Wax Candles

You’d be amazed how useful wax candles can be. Sure, you can use them as an emergency light source if necessary. But they also make an excellent lubricant.

Stuff on small fishing boats can become sticky, like cables, jammed zippers, or perhaps the steering arm on your outboard motor has become stiff. A simple solution is to rub a wax candle on the area to loosen it up.

5. Pantyhose

This one might sound like a strange item to include on our list, but don’t laugh just yet. Believe or not, pantyhose can serve many purposes.

This material works great as an emergency filter for drinking water, or even as a strainer if dirt gets in your gasoline. Use it as a make-shift chum bag or emergency rope. Pantyhose are cheap and can be stowed anywhere.

Always Be Prepared

Every item on this list is significant and can make your next boating adventure less stressful when emergency situations arise. And the good news is, these items are relatively inexpensive.

We encourage you to check your list of gear to see how many of these items you might already have around the house and to budget a few extra dollars for things you might need to pick up before the weekend or Summer vacation.

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