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bright green kayak and white paddleboard are secured on this IMM Quality dual kayak lift

9 Advantages of IMM Quality’s Dual Kayak Lifts

bright green kayak and white paddleboard are secured on this IMM Quality dual kayak lift

When people start taking beginner’s kayak courses, many quickly find out that they are addicted. They are welcomed into an amazing community of kayakers who are generous with their time and happy to help beginners. The whole experience is kind of infectious! The next thing they know, their friends and family are also kayaking with them. After all, the experience of sharing an activity you enjoy with someone else is a great way to connect and can make all your hard work worthwhile.

Given all the enjoyment people have out on the water, it is very common to wind up with multiple kayaks at a single home. For some brave adventurers, you may even own both a kayak and a paddleboard.

Are you struggling to drag your watercraft into and out of the water? Does it bother you to see all the scratches and damage to the bottom of your watercraft, which come from dragging it across seawall cap or rocks? Have you considered installing a kayak lift to store your equipment?

For a safe and convenient way to launch your kayaks, check out this video of a recently installed dual kayak lift by IMM Quality Boat Lifts.

The design of the kayak lift by IMM Quality Boat Lifts offers nine significant improvements for discerning homeowners.

  1. The ladder on our dual kayak lift is installed at an angle. On a vertical ladder, you will fall off backwards if you let go with both hands. However, angled ladders are much easier to climb than vertical ladders and greatly reduce the risk of a fall. Many boaters find they can maintain better balance on an angled ladder without holding on with their hands. Please note that IMM Quality Boat Lifts recommends you always maintain three points of contact when you use any type of boat lift ladder.
  2. Our ladder is installed perpendicular to the dock or seawall. This makes getting on and off the ladder much easier and safer. By using this method of kayak lift installation, you do not have to climb down a ladder facing backward from your kayak. IMM Quality Boat Lifts wants to keep you safe!
  3. There is a spacious platform at the bottom of our ladder. What if you want to take a cooler or other items with you while you are out on the water? It is dangerous to climb on a ladder with items in your hands. The IMM Quality Boat Lifts way can save you multiple trips up and down the ladder. Simply place your items on the installed platform and safely lower your kayak lift before climbing down the ladder with your hands free.
  4. Our kayak lifts have ADA-compliant grab rails. Whether you prefer to board your kayak from the platform or directly from the ladder, these grab rails can be used to maintain your balance while using the lift.
  5. Our manual crank is installed at waist height. This way, you don’t have to bend way over or get down on your knees to raise or lower the kayak lift like you would with our competitor’s models. If you don’t feel like hand cranking the lift, you can upgrade to a solar-powered electric winch.
  6. Our kayak lift includes paddle hooks. When you return to our lift, simply place your paddle on our conveniently located paddle hooks and exit your kayak with your hands free. It’s fun to watch our competitor’s customers try to throw their paddles up onto the dock while seated in their kayak way down at water level. With a competitor’s lift, they would have to get out of their kayak and try to climb a vertical ladder while carrying a paddle. What could possibly go wrong?
  7. Both the spread and angle of our bunks are adjustable. This makes it easy to accommodate a wide variety of watercraft on IMM Quality’s kayak lifts. 
  8. Our kayak lifts are made from heavy gauge, marine-grade aluminum. We weld our lift structure together for increased rigidity and strength. We only use bolts for elements that can adjusted.
  9. The structural design of the kayak lifts by IMM Quality Boat Lifts has been certified by an outside engineering firm. We have the highest-rated capacity of any kayak lift on the market, spanning from 600 pounds for our standard lift up to 1,200 pounds for our dual kayak lift.

Feeling inspired by this feat of design, engineering and manufacturing? The IMM Quality Boat Lifts dual kayak lift is the best engineered kayak launch on the market. It combines the finest and most durable materials with a design that was engineered for safety and comfort.

Two kayaks are lowered into a dual kayak lift by IMM Quality Boat Lifts

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