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IMM Boat lifts: Great engineering or advanced alien technology?

IMM Quality Boat Lifts designs and manufactures incredibly advanced boat lifts capable of lifting the largest yachts on the market. At the touch of a button, our lifts can safely and quietly hoist million-dollar yachts from the water.

Some customers have jokingly asked whether our boat lifts are designed by engineers or some advanced alien lifeform.

We can confirm this: our talented engineers are highly advanced and trained at the top institutions in our galaxy. They design custom boat lifts that certainly are out of this world.

Advanced Boat Lift Technology

Countless novels, movies, and television programs have speculated about extraterrestrial life as scientists worldwide search for evidence of alien life forms. Documentary programs like Ancient Aliens have presented evidence supporting the existence of aliens. However, government agencies had never confirmed any evidence supporting the existence of UFOs and aliens.

In 2020, the U.S. military released video evidence of interactions with UFOs while everyone was preoccupied with the pandemic. Then in January 2021, the CIA released its UFO black vault documents. Three months later, the U.S. Navy released and confirmed the authenticity of new video footage showing a pyramidal UFO. So far, the global response to this revolutionary evidence has been rather muted.

The Superlift

Why would customers joke that our boat lifts were designed by an advanced lifeform? Our full-time, in-house engineers use the latest 3D modeling and structural analysis software to create custom boat lifts. Just look at some of the incredible features of our Superlift:

  • Drive: A gearless, high-efficiency cycloidal drive generates 34,700 inch-pounds of output torque at an efficiency of greater than 90%.
  • Configurations: Four-piling configurations can hoist 33,000 pounds and eight-piling configurations can lift 66,000 pounds.
  • Materials: All aluminum and steel construction, as well as stainless steel hardware, protect against the elements.
  • Technology: Lifts operate with a handheld remote control with built-in auto-stops and a failsafe electric braking system.
  • Option: Solar panels guarantee power no matter the weather conditions.

Certainly, our engineers couldn’t have possibly learned all of their advanced technological skills on Earth, right?

Newly ‘Discovered’ Video

IMM Quality Boat Lifts has been family owned and operated since 1982. Technology certainly has changed since then.

In advance of World UFO Day on June 2, our team “discovered” this new YouTube video that shows aliens investigating our Superlift. Our engineers’ designs have been attracting global attention, but these are our first visitors from another planet!

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