Can Boat Lifts Increase the Value of Your Home?

Can Boat Lifts Increase the Value of Your Home?

It seems every homeowner has a laundry list of home improvements they’d like to make. Where to start? If you are an avid boater and own a waterfront property, wouldn’t you love the ease of access and numerous other benefits of having your boat on a lift?

It goes without saying then, if you are selling your home, any other boaters that come to see the property will fall in love with such an amenity as well.

Moreover, dockage and a boat lift can have a significant effect on the price of a home. Depending on how hard is it to obtain permits to build a dock and lift in your area, how much was spent, and how well it is designed and built, the home value increase can be from a couple thousand to the tens of thousands.

Read on to discover how and why lifts can increase the value of your home. We’ll also cover the ins and outs of installing a boat lift.

How Boat Lifts Increase the Value of Your Home

Even just a simple boat dock can greatly increase the value of your home if it’s located on the water. Having a boat lift in place as well is all the better.

In fact, Coastal Living listed boat parking as one of the top 10 most profitable home improvements for coastal homes!

One of the major reasons they increase the value of your home is because in some areas it can be difficult to obtain a permit to build one.

If a home comes already equipped with a dock plus a boat lift, buyers are happy to pay a little extra to avoid the headache. Not having to deal with the hassle of construction is a major draw for a prospective buyer.

In addition, experts on the website weighed in that lifts can add thousands to the value of a home. The payoff from having a boat lift is significantly more than the initial cost of installation.

Suffice it to say: having a boat lift is a worthwhile investment all around. But what if you don’t already have one?

Installing A Boat Lift

There are many different options when it comes to boat lifts. A key step in choosing a boat lift is deciding what is the right one for your home and your needs.

Each kind of boat lift will come with different pros and cons. The type you ultimately choose will be determined by the type of waterfront access you have, your boat size, and your personal needs and preferences.


Vertical lifts are currently the most efficient design on the market. Though the technology is only a few decades old, vertical lifts have quickly become the industry standard.


Another popular type of boat lift is the elevator lift. Elevator lifts are used on restricted waterfronts where outboard pilings are not allowed. Narrow canals are one popular example. They are also used where it would be difficult to install pilings due to hard bottom conditions.


There is a wide variety of specialty lifts. These types of lifts are used when the standard vertical or elevator boat lift is not the most appropriate method. They are used in cases where the more popular types of lifts aren’t available, whether due to restrictions or just personal preference.

No matter your taste for a dock and lift, we’ve got the tools and the experience to help you choose the right one for you.

If you have questions about boat lifts, don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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