Construction of a Nautical Boat Garage

IMM Quality Boat Lifts is the custom boat lift specialist that knowledgeable property owners use to turn their concepts into reality. If you dream it, we have always been able to design and engineer practical solutions to meet all needs. We wanted to use this post to share an interesting project that is nearing completion in Marco Island. We built a custom Titan Yacht lift and in collaboration with our partners, Duane Thomas Marine Construction and Todd Schneider with APM Custom Homes, installed it into a custom nautical boat garage. We hope you appreciate these construction photos.

Here you can see the concrete seawall and how the poured concrete slip has direct access to the channel.

Looking out of the nautical boat garage towards the channel. This garage has a powered roll down door and will be air-conditioned.

Steel I-beams span across the slip and our Titan powerheads are installed on top. These powerheads were rated for 100,000 pounds and we have others rated for over 500,000 pounds.

This photo shows the Titan powerhead access door propped open with a block of wood. You can see the motor, brake, cycloidal gear reducer, winders and limit switch. Cycloidal reducers are the fastest and most durable gearboxes available on boat lifts. Our cycloidal reducers are warranted for the life of the lift.

Here you can see the installation of the cradle beams which will support the bunks and decking for the platform lift. The platform lift will simultaneously bunk two separate boats.

This close-up shows how the sixteen aluminum I-beams that make up the cradle are connected together.

Here you can see the installation of the aluminum framing that will support the decking of the platform lift.

Here you can see the decking installed onto the platform before it has been trimmed out around the periphery.

In this photo, the trim boards have been installed around the decking. You can also see the newly installed bunk system for the larger Intrepid 410 Evolution.

This photo shows the platform lift lowered below the waterline.

This photo shows the platform lift stopped flush with the deck. The custom built lift controls have programmed stop points like the deck level, boarding height, full up and full down. The rolling garage door has also been lowered.

We custom designed the bunk system for the Intrepid 410 Evolution using the boat manufacturer’s recommendations.

Notice how the platform was designed to allow adequate clearance for the outboard motors.

Looking into the nautical boat garage with the Intrepid bunked on the platform lift.

Here you can see the run-about boat bunked on the platform lift. This special, custom designed bunk system will allow the boat to be removed using a forklift.

This photo shows the pick-up points engineered into the custom bunks that will allow this boat to be taken off the platform using a forklift.

We are happy to report that this nautical boat garage has generated a lot of interest, with two more orders within the same neighborhood. Our full-service engineering department is unique to the industry and has made the most advanced lift designs on the market. We hope this post will inspire your imagination. If you have an unusual marine lift requirement, please contact us and our exceptional engineers will design a solution that meets your needs. Happy boating!


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