Side view of better boathouse lift by CJ Marine Construction and IMM Quality Boat Lifts

Contractor Spotlight: Building Better Boathouse Lifts with CJ’s Marine Construction

This contractor spotlight by IMM Quality Boat Lifts will outline what’s needed for building better boathouse lifts and features CJ’s Marine Construction.  

A boathouse that appears to be floating on the water is one of the most beautiful forms of architecture. 

In addition to its beauty, a well-made boathouse provides you with many benefits. It will shelter your boat from the wind, snow and rain while protecting your boat from harmful UV rays. By reducing the damage to your boat from the elements, a boathouse will lower your maintenance costs.  

Not all boathouses are the same and they can be customized to your tastes. The look, size and materials can all be customized. You can design your boathouse as a great place to lounge by the water. Also, you may want your boathouse to serve as an entertainment area for parties and family gatherings.  

Things to Consider When Building Better Boathouse Lifts

Depending on what you want, designing boathouses can be nearly as involved as building a new home.  There are many technical and aesthetic complexities involved in building one correctly. This includes space requirements, permitting and regulations, usage and choosing the best materials to maximize durability and longevity. When you consider that boathouses can be anything from a simple roof for a small boat to a multi-storied living and entertainment structure, it makes sense to consider all your options. 

That’s why you should only work with a marine contractor who has many years of experience spent building on the water. They will know how to conquer the boathouse’s most complex issue, providing the proper underwater foundation and support for the structure. Fluctuating water depth, soil type, water currents, and the land’s slope to the shoreline all affect the type of support and determine the foundation’s maximum bearing capacity.  

Choosing a knowledgeable builder like CJ’s Marine Construction is an essential part of the planning stage. This partner should educate and help guide you with your selections, which can save you the hassle of costly design changes down the road. They will make sure that all necessary permits are obtained before starting the project, so you don’t face fines or end up with a structure you must tear down. 

Once you’ve settled on a plan for your boat house that fits your needs, regulations and budget, be sure to consider the quality of the build. Just as you wouldn’t want to have your home built by an inexperienced builder, you want someone that knows how to build boat houses properly and uses quality materials. 

CJ’s Marine Construction and IMM Quality Boat Lifts: Teaming Up for All the Right Reasons 

CJ’s Marine Construction is a full-service marine construction company who builds docks, piers, bulkheads, boathouses and boat ramps. This customer-focused company has been in business for over 25 years serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast. They primarily construct marine projects in Hancock County, Mississippi, along the Gulf of Mexico, the Bay of St Louis with its associated canals, Bayou Lacroix, Breaths Bayou and the Jordan River. However, they also have completed jobs in Southern Louisiana and as far west as Biloxi, Mississippi. 

One look at the pictures of CJ’s boathouses and you can clearly see the elegant designs, best building materials and the highest quality workmanship.  

aerial view of boat house lift by CJ Marine Construction and IMM Quality Boat Lifts

From stainless steel hardware and standing seam metal roofs to notching the pilings for the structural beams, CJ’s does not cut any corners. “We are sticklers for making sure we receive quality material for our clients. If you get bad wood you can’t make it good. If we wouldn’t use it for ourselves, we definitely won’t use it for our clients,” said Alicia Lick, owner of CJ’s Marine Construction. 

Just look at how straight and plumb all the pilings are driven! It’s simply excellent marine construction. “After years of constructing boathouses, we have found even simple things matter, such as the types of screws used. Down to every last nut and bolt, we pay attention to the details. This allows us to deliver a product that we are proud to put our name on. More importantly, our clients get years and years of enjoyment from our work,” said Alicia. 

Side view of boathouse lift by CJ Marine Construction and IMM Quality Boat Lifts

Discussing a client’s individual needs for their boathouse is crucial to any project’s success. “Which type of boat will be stored in our client’s boathouse is just as important as what type of cradle and boat lift they want. We choose IMM Quality Boat Lifts for our clients because of the superior quality of their boat lifts and the excellent service department,” said Alicia.  

CJ’s obvious commitment to the highest quality marine construction aligns well with IMM Quality Boat Lifts’ own corporate philosophy. It made IMM Quality’s decision to partner with CJ’s Marine Construction an easy one. 

“As the owner of CJ’s Marine Construction, I interviewed several boat lift companies before I picked IMM Quality Boat Lifts to be our go-to partner for boatlifts. It’s been a pleasure talking with their staff and ordering each boatlift for our client’s boats. Having a great relationship with this boat lift manufacturer is one reason why our company is able to be so successful,” she added. 

Partnership Results in Best Boathouse Lift Design and Execution 

Most boat lift companies integrate their boathouse lifts into the overall structure using stringer brackets. These lifts are often difficult to service and repair, and they are impossible to install into an existing boathouse with stringer brackets. If you buy a new boat that requires a higher capacity lift, you will need to remove the roof of the boathouse to install the new boat lift. 

Alternatively, the IMM Quality Boat House Lift utilizes hanger brackets to support the load. These lifts hang from structural beams that can be installed independent of the boathouse roof structure. The IMM Quality Boat House Lift design allows installation into existing boathouses.  

In fact, IMM Quality’s boat house lift does not require you to remove the boathouse roof when you decide to upgrade your lift. Instead, it offers tremendous flexibility by allowing you to easily move the location of the boat lift within the boathouse. It takes up the least slip width, and the lift placement is not limited by the location of the pilings or the placement of stringer brackets to support the roof. The IMM Quality boathouse lift also provides easy access for service and maintenance. 

IMM Quality Boat Lifts looks forward to future opportunities to work with CJ’s. Together, we will continue to design dock, boathouse and boat lift solutions that best suit our clients’ needs.  

To reach IMM Quality Boat Lifts, please fill out our CONTACT FORM or REQUEST A QUOTE, and we’ll give you a call! If you would like to visit CJ’s Marine Construction, you will find them located at 22570 Road 374 in Kiln, Mississippi, 39556. Or, you may contact them by phone at (228) 239-3164.  

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