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Every Boater’s nightmare: Public Boat Ramps

On our way to the FL keys, we pass by Black Point marina, and we always wonder why the line for the boat lane is so long (about 10 blocks). The truth is that this boat ramp story is the same all over the country:
boat ramp

The boaters line up and wait their turn to launch their boats, some of them inexperienced, some of them with large boats. Everyone has witnessed all the problems people have maneuvering their trailers and getting their boat off (or on) the trailer and into the water. After countless wasted time waiting in line, some frustrated boaters simply leave. Many boaters see the crowd and just turn around because there is not even one spot to park the trailer after you launch the boat. Imagine if you could avoid this!

Boating should be fun and you should enjoy the time you spend on the water as much as you can rather than fighting for a spot just to launch your vessel into the water. Many people have reported fights, drunk people, and other issues like things stolen from the cars.

One of the latest issues that add to the congestion is that boating rental companies are using public marinas and launches for their business. Without a physical location at the marina, these companies are taking reservations online and delivering the boat directly to the marina (any public launch in the area) for their rental business. The way they operate is difficult to catch by the authorities, so eradicating this practice will be exceedingly difficult.

Best Solution to Escape the Boat Ramp Nightmare!


IMM Quality Boat Lifts will help you to avoid all these issues. If you have a waterfront home, our sales team can help you find a boat lift to fit any need or budget. If you think that it is not possible to have a boat lift at your home, don’t worry. Just speak with our engineering department and they will be able to design the best lift for your boat. No matter the size or unusual situation!

Imagine having your boat right outside the back of your house. Safe, dry, and ready to go into the water, effortlessly at any time.

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Pros and Cons: Ramp at the Marina vs Your Own Boat Lift


Ramp Cons: Ramp Fee, trailer fee, boat accidents at the launch, trailer insurance, trailer registration, car theft, hours of aggravation, hours lost driving to the launch and waiting to get in the water, not finding a spot to launch, not finding parking for your trailer after you have launched the boat, dealing with drunk or rude people.

Ramp Pros: The cost of the ramp is $25 per launch.

Boat lift Cons: Shady marine contractors (let us recommend someone).

Boat Lift Pros: Boat is at your fingertips, easy to load unload anything to the boat, direct access to the water, more time on the water, no waiting time, or lines anywhere, easy to clean, easy to service your boat, etc.

Low to no-maintenance

Our boat lifts are designer to operate flawlessly and with minimal maintenance if any. There are several models to choose from. Please visit our website or download our catalog to find the right boatlift for your needs. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information. We will be glad to answer all of your questions and help you find what you are looking for.


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