IMM Quality Boat Lifts employee places company sticker on boat lift in advance of National Employee Appreciation Day

In Celebration of National Employee Appreciation Day

This year, National Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated on Friday, March 4. It’s the perfect opportunity for employers across the nation to recognize the value of their team members and express gratitude for their contributions to the company. But at IMM Quality Boat Lifts, we don’t limit our employee appreciation to just one day!

A family owned and operated business since our inception, IMM Quality Boat Lifts has always been deliberate in creating a safe, supportive environment every day for our crew of more than 40 talented engineers, designers and manufacturers. As a growing business, we especially appreciate how each member of our team is personally committed to delivering excellence and quality in all that they do. Together, we make the best boat lifts in the world!

IMM Quality Boat Lifts Prioritizes Employee Safety & Support

Our positive, yet relaxed and casual atmosphere, which centers around employee wellbeing, is one of many reasons why our staff believes IMM Quality Boat Lifts is a great place to work. “The family-style work environment is what I love most about working for IMM Quality Boat Lifts,” said Shawn, a purchasing manager who has worked for the boat lifts manufacturer for 10 years.

“Not only does IMM Quality Boat Lifts care about you as an individual, but they care about your family as well. They truly have an open-door policy and listen to any and all concerns,” added Ryan, a CDL driver who has delivered IMM Quality’s boat lifts across the county – and worldwide – for nearly four years. “I remember how the company went out and bought top-of-the-line new trucks and a trailer to ensure safety on the road for us drivers.”

“The company is reputable, has been around for a long time, and continues to grow,” he said. “I love being able to see our boat lift products develop from start to finish. All our contractors speak highly of our product and recommend it to their customers. When you see an IMM Quality Boat Lifts installation over the water, you’ll understand why we put ‘quality’ in our name.”

One of the team’s lead drivers, John, echoes Ryan’s thoughts about prioritizing employee safety. “The company has always been on top of fleet service by fixing any issues right away. They also purchased new delivery trucks and gooseneck trailers to ensure top-quality delivery of our boat lift products,” he said.

There’s also plenty of variety to keep the work day interesting. “I love that every day for me is different, whether I’m in the shop bundling lifts for my next delivery or out on the road driving through different states, delivering our boat lifts,” said John. “I also love talking with our loyal contractors about the finished product. They are always letting me know that IMM Quality Boat Lifts are the best in the industry – and the easiest to install. To them, the quality and innovation of our boat lifts products is why we earned the #1 spot in the industry.”

IMM Quality Boat Lifts Employees Fuel Company Growth & Innovation

Like Ryan and John, many employees love being a part of a growing, thriving company that leads the industry in safety, innovation and quality. “What I love most about IMM Quality Boat Lifts is the chance to create innovative products,” said Churchil, an engineer of more than two years.

“As the top boat lift manufacturer in the USA, IMM Quality Boat Lifts uses teamwork to divide up tasks and multiply the success. We can custom build for any boat or deck layout, guiding customers in the best choice of boat lift products for their needs with superior service. And our quality is the reason why we have the best warranty in the business,” explained Churchil.

Customers have taken note, and boat lifts are flying off the shelves. “The demand for boat lift parts has increased considerably during my two-and-a-half years on board,” shared Brian, a salesperson who connects marine contractors with boat lifts, accessories and boat lift parts for repairs. “We have new positions being filled due to this steep increase in sales. The company has also adapted by implementing new tools and ideas during this season of growth.”

Jake, a shipping manager of nearly four years, loves learning how to use these new technologies by embracing regular training opportunities that allow him and his coworkers to develop and enhance their skills while on the job. “You learn something new every day. If you have your priorities straight, you have a job. If you give respect, you get respect. Plus, my coworkers and bosses all have good senses of humor and a passion for improvement that matches my mine, which is very rare,” he said.

That innovative, growth-focused environment has contributed to the longevity of many employees who have spent decades working with IMM Quality Boat Lifts. “I’ve learned a lot over the years, and it’s a good place to work. It’s my second home,” said Marialy, who has assembled the company’s boat lifts for more than 20 years.

“What I love most is the family-style work environment and the friendships I have made. We can talk to each other about anything. You don’t feel judged and appreciate the honesty from the people you work with,” said Jazzmin, IMM Quality Boat Lifts’ receptionist of four years.

“These are real people in a comfortable atmosphere,” said Dawn, a computer numerical control (CNC) lathe machinist of just seven months. “They give me everything I ask for to run my job safely and with good quality. The machinists and engineers all care about the quality of our products.”

IMM Quality Boat Lifts also provides a salary and generous employee benefits for all. “In addition to very good medical, dental and vision plans, employees receive a $15,000 life insurance policy along with an annual profit-sharing bonus from the company,” said Candy, who has managed HR and accounts payable for nearly two years.

Other fun perks include catered employee appreciation luncheons that take place quarterly. For those who need them, there’s reimbursement for important safety gear, like steel-toed boots. And, of course, the company goes all out to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Because why celebrate employees on only one day of the year? The happiness and well-being of our employees contributes to our daily success and continued growth, so IMM Quality Boat Lifts creates a safe, supportive environment for our employees every day. It’s the least we can do to thank the hardworking, knowledgeable and innovative professionals who bring their talents to work each day at IMM Quality Boat Lifts.

Happy National Employee Appreciation Day!