IMM Quality Superlift boat lift with red and black nor tech 450 sport at a dock with shallow water

Our Superlift Is Built for Speed

Some people feel the need to go fast. Super fast.

For boaters who are ready to take their game to a whole new level, the Superlift by IMM Quality Boat Lifts is the fastest boat lift for sale on the market. Our Superlift can safely and quietly raise million-dollar yachts from the water at the mere touch of a button!

Front view of IMM Quality Superlift boat lift with red Nor-Tech 450 Sport at a dock with low water depthWe believe the Superlift is the finest industrial-duty boat lift in service. Our accomplished engineering team has developed next-level design innovations that transform and improve the functionality of our Superlift drive. It has revolutionized the boat lift industry.

This is due to the cycloidal reducers in the boat lift drive, an engineering marvel that renders obsolete the traditional worm drives in our competitors’ designs. These incredible cycloidal reducers function as a type of gearless drive system.


By using cycloidal reducers to enhance the capability of our Superlift boat lift drive, IMM Quality Boat Lifts is able to minimize contact stress and deliver precise lifting action with zero backlash. Energy efficient and whisper quiet, cycloidal reducers also experience minimal wear. To understand the science behind the Superlift drive’s cycloidal reducers, and why they work better than most competing gear boxes, check out this blog post.

This translates to a much longer service life with tremendous energy savings – and better value for your investment. Nothing can touch the performance of our Superlift as the fastest four-post boat lift for sale in the industry. IMM Quality Boat Lifts is so confident in the Superlift’s cycloidal reducers that we offer a lifetime warranty for each Superlift drive!

Waterfront home featuring IMM Quality Superlift boat lift with red and black Nor-Tech 450 Sport at a dock with low water depth

Our Superlift Is the Most Dependable Boat Lift for Sale

But, going fast isn’t the only area where the Superlift outperforms other boat lift products for sale. Because the Superlift was engineered for industrial duty, it is meant to run all day, every day. As a result, the performance of the Superlift’s drive system is so strong and dependable that IMM Quality Boat Lifts has never experienced a single failure in the history of our Superlifts. Not one single failure.

IMM Quality Superlift boat lift raises a red Nor-Tech 450 Sport above the water

The Superlift pictured here features kicked custom-designed cradles that accommodate this Nor-Tech 450 Sport at a dock with low water depth. One of our preferred partners, Williamson Bros Marine Construction, delivered the professional, high-quality installation for this Superlift in Cape Coral, Florida.

When only the absolute best will do, the Superlift is your only choice. This superior boat lift is the perfect combination of beauty, speed and power. It’s built to last a lifetime!

Feeling inspired by this feat of design, engineering and manufacturing? Let us create the lift you deserve. Complete our CONTACT FORM or REQUEST A QUOTE and we’ll give you a call!


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