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How to Pick the Best Boat Coverings By Fabric Type

Owning a boat is an investment. Whether you bought your boat for business, for pleasure, or for a combination of both, you want to do everything possible to keep your boat in top condition. One of the best ways to protect your boat and extend its lifespan is to purchase a boat cover. Boat covers act as a barrier between your boat and the atmosphere. It can keep it safe from any damaging elements including poor air quality or bad weather. Not all boat coverings are the same, and many different options exist, including custom covers. The type of boat you own and the climate where you live will also impact what kind of boat cover you purchase. Below, we’ve broken down several of the most popular options by fabric. Read on to learn where to start when shopping for a boat cover.

1. Coated Polyester

The best boat coverings are both breathable and water resistant. They also have to stand up to mildew and the sun’s UV rays. Coated synthetic fabrics, like polyester, are a good choice because they can do all that, and have the durability to last a long time. Acrylic coated polyester, urethane coated polyester and a solution dyed polyester are solid choices for your boat cover. Beware, though, that the high performance of these types of boat coverings often comes with a price tag to match.

2. Cotton Canvas

Boat coverings made from a cotton canvas blend are a more affordable option, great for boaters on a budget. Even though cotton isn’t a waterproof fabric, Marine-grade cotton is specially treated to make it more water resistant. If you do decide to go with a cotton canvas blend, keep in mind that the tighter the weave of the fabric, the longer your cover will last.

3. Cotton/Poly Blend

Cotton/poly blends make a good middle option. Going with a blend combines the breathability of cotton and the durability of polyester together in one fabric. These covers are more affordable than straight polyester but can still stand up to the harsh environmental conditions that can damage a boat. A 50/50 or 60/40 polyester to cotton ratio is a good place to start, but for the best performance, look for the highest percentage of polyester that you can afford.

Other Factors for Boat Coverings

Once you’ve decided on the best fabric for your budget and performance needs, Consider additional features making your final purchase. Double check the size and fit of the boat cover to ensure the boat’s surface is completely protected. You’ll also want to pay attention to the strength of the seams, which is where most coverings unravel first, and the tie chords that secure the boat cover to the boat. If you have any questions on buying a boat cover or a recommendation that you’d like to share, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know.
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